Best Road Bikes Under 200 Dollars | Comparison List for 2020

I know you’re here to find a good road bike at lowest price like $200 for your entry level biking. As you’re a beginner rider, So I think you don’t want to spend a huge amount pf money on a road bike for regular ride around the street or long distance riding with your friends or colleague.

For some people its difficult to find a best road bike as they don’t have proper knowledge  about selecting the correct road bike. Specially, to help those people we have listed some best road bikes under 200 dollars. Please feel free to check our extensive review.

2020’s Top 8 Best Road Bikes Under 200

Bike NameFrameSpeed ColorsPrice?
Eurobike XC550 [ Winner ]Steel215
Vilano R2 [ Runner up ]Aluminum211
Takara Kabuto [ Single Speed ]SteelFixed4
Vilano Diverse 1.0 [ Flat Bar ]Aluminum211
GMC Denali [ Best Selling ]Aluminum213
MERAX FINISS [ Racing ]Aluminum213
Vilano Shimano [ Commuter ]Aluminum212
Goplus Commuter [ Commuter ]Aluminum213

How We Selected

For the beginner bike rider its not possible to research whole the day or week to affordable road bike which is fit low budget. To help this of riders we have researched a lot of hours & shortlisted some good road bikes by their features, performances, brands, customer services.

After reviewing all, finally we have selected eight inexpensive road bikes that really comes under few hundred dollars. Here you can see the low-budget road bikes that will full-fill your cycling demand at lowest budget.

Cheap Road Bikes under $200 Reviews


1Eurobike XC550

Frame: Steel Frame
Drivetrain: Shimano
Speed: 21 Speed
Brake: Disc Brake
Manufacturer: EUROBIKE
Available Colors 5 colors
Price Check Latest Price

The #1 spot, We have placed Eurobike XC550 bike in the list of best road bikes under $200. You maybe surprised to see that why we have listed this bike on top?

well, here is the answer, this is a bike  that is full of performances and have safety features, can be used for a variety of everyday cycling activities without any hesitation.

We have marked this bike as TOP PICK in this budget bike list. Aside from manufacturing high-end mountain bikes Eurobike company also produces some bikes like this one to full fill riders demand who don’t have much budget to buy a road bike.

Amazing Build Quality

Build quality is important as the durability and longevity of the bike depends on how well it is built. To ensure the quality, EUROBIKE constructed the frame of this XC550 road bicycle with durable steel that is not only strong and sturdy but also is extremely lightweight.

The sturdiness of this bike retains it from any kinds of damage and ensures durability. Additionally, a lightweight bike is comfortable and much easier to move around.

Super Shifters

The EUROBIKE XC550 bicycle incorporates 21-speed gear shifters from Shimano that provide a wide range of gears to its riders. The advantage of such a variety of gears is that the rider will never be out of gears and speeds at any riding conditions.

Furthermore, the Shimano shifters shuffle between gears effortlessly and in no time so that you don’t have to worry about speed while on the run.

Dependable Braking Mechanism

As this road bike features high-speed mechanism, an excellent braking system is a must. And therefore, EUROBIKE installed a pair of disc brakes to this road bike to ensure that the rider can avoid any unfortunate event without much struggle.

These front and rear brakes provide ultimate stopping power while saving you from accidents.

Pros & Cons Of Eurobike

What We Like
  • Smart, attractive design
  • Adjustable seat post ensures more comfort
  • Available in various sizes and color combinations
  • Includes dual disc brakes for better stopping power
  • Comes with comfortable saddle & quality pedals for free
  • Incorporates perfect designer wheels for easy, smooth rolling
  • Double butted steel alloy frame screams durability and longevity
What We Don’t Like
  • Difficult to understand user manual; no clear assembly instructions

Outstanding features & performance make this bike as one of the top ranked cheap road bikes less than 200 bucks. Check out the new EUROBIKE XC550 21 Speed Road Bicycle once before buying your ultimate road bike. This bike will hook you up with all its amazing features and attributes provided at a very affordable price range.


2Vilano R2 Commuter

Frame: Aluminum Frame
Drivetrain: Shimano
Speed: 21 Speed
Brake: Alloy caliper Brake
Manufacturer: Vilano
Available Colors 1 color
Price Check Latest Price

The 2nd spot has been reserved for the Vilano R2 Commuter Road Bike. This bike can be consider as the ALTERNATIVE BIKE of TOP PICK.

The R2 Road Bike from Vilano is one of the performance-packed everyday bicycles with an attractive price range that will surely stun you.

This bike is excellent for commuting throughout the city roads and neighborhood. You can take this bike to work, to class or just for a spin around town on the weekend. No matter how and where you ride the bike, its features will never fail to impress you.

Durable Frame Construction

The traditional looking frame of this R2 Commuter Bike from Vilano is constructed using the high quality double butted aluminum alloy which is strong and sturdy. The sturdy bike tends to last for an extended period and offers super stability.

Moreover, Vilano made sure that the bike is well-built with neat welding and excellent quality materials for a more enjoyable riding experience.

Water Bottle Holder

On a long riding journey or in a blazing summer day, it’s an additional advantage to have a water bottle with you. And keeping in mind about the rider’s convenience, this Vilano R2 Commuter bicycle comes with a conveniently placed water bottle holder attached to the frame. Therefore, you can carry your water or any other drinks with you all the time.

Reliable Braking System

Safety is one of the major aspects people look for while trying out new bikes. And therefore, the Vilano R2 Commuter bike comes with a pair of alloy caliper brakes that are considered as one of the best in their class.

These super reliable brakes ensure quick, precise braking and provide immense stopping power to the rider and help to avoid any unfortunate events and accidents.

Pros & Cons Of Vilano R2

What We Like
  • Comes with free pedals
  • The bike offers versatile functionality
  • The perfect bicycle for fitness enthusiasts
  • Thumb Shifter by Shimano to change gear smoothly
  • Available in a variety of sizes to fit a vast range of riders
  • The Shimano 21 Speed Drivetrain assures a wide range of gears
  • Double Butted Aluminum Frame ensures longevity and durability
What We Don’t Like
  • Doesn’t come with Allen wrenches
  • The bike is quite heavy; not easy to maneuver

The Vilano R2 is an incredible entry-level bicycle for those who want a cycle for fun activities as well as everyday riding. Moreover, this feature-filled bicycle costs just under $200 making it affordable for all the riders out there.


3Takara Kabuto

Frame: Steel Frame
Drivetrain: Flip Flop Hub
Speed: Single-speed
Brake: Alloy side pull Brake
Manufacturer: Takara
Available Colors 4 colors
Price Check Latest Price

In 3rd spot, By the name you may be understand that this bike doesn’t have multiple gear option to change like others in this list. It has a fixed gear that can’t be changed.

If you are looking for a single speed road bike at low budget, then look no more. The Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike from the brand Takara is one unique bike with revolutionary Flip Flop hub design and many other incredible features.

Best for commuting through city roads and free riding in the neighborhoods, this road bike will never fail to amaze you.

Strong, Durable Frame Quality

Unlike many other road bikes, the frame of the Takara Kabuto bicycle was handcrafted intricately with excellent quality steel alloy and Tig-welding. Such build quality ensures that the bike is firm and strong and won’t easily break off even in the most unfavorable riding conditions.

This frame also offers remarkable stability to its riders. Apart from durability and stability, the bike’s design is awe-worthy. Its color combination, design and outlook catch one’s gaze instantly.

Incredible Flip Flop Hub Design

One of the vital features that attract riders is the simplicity of this Takara Kabuto bicycle. To eliminate the need of complicated gear changing mechanism, this bike adopted an incredible Flip Flop Hub system that features only two modes; freewheel and single speed mode.

To switch between these two modes, one just has to flip the handle in the rear hub, and the work is done. As entry-level everyday riders don’t require a complicated derailleur, this hub system is grabbing more popularity every passing day.

Good Braking System

To deliver top-notch safety measures to its riders, the Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike from Takara comes with dual alloy side pull brakes that provide greater stopping power as well as ensures that the rider has enough braking ability to avoid accidents and unfortunate events.

Pros & Cons Of Takara Kabuto

What We Like
  • Attractive price tag; affordable for all
  • Sleek, charming design to awe everyone
  • Includes Flip Flop Hub for easy speeding options
  • Tig-welded steel frame ensures extended durability
  • Lightweight and hence promotes easy maneuverability
  • Front and rear pull brakes provide maximum stopping ability
  • Available in different sizes and colors to fit everyone’s requirements
What We Don’t Like
  • Not so comfortable seat post; limited seat padding

The Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike is a great beginner bicycle that will undoubtedly add value to your garage. At a very inexpensive price tag, this bike ensures over the top performance and services.


4Vilano Diverse 1.0

Frame: Alloy Hybrid Frame
Drivetrain: Shimano
Speed: 21 Speed
Brake: V-brakes
Manufacturer: Vilano
Available Colors 1 Color
Price Check Latest Price

Looking for an entry level flat bar road bicycle at budget-friendly price range? Your search is finally over. The Vilano Diverse 1.0 Flat Bar Road Bike is one of the fabulous bikes which is packed with incredible features and performances that will make your biking journey more enjoyable.

Available in different sizes to fit a wide variety of riders, this road bicycle is determined to deliver high value and comfortability to its riders.

Supreme Quality Hybrid Frame

As hybrid bikes are the combination of both road bike and mountain bike their built quality and frame construction must be top notch. And that’s why Vilano used high-quality Hydro-formed aluminum alloy to construct the frame.

Aluminum construction not only makes the bikes strong and durable but also ensures that it is super lightweight to move around quickly and effortlessly. Moreover, this frame has a well-engineered shape to give the rider a higher stance and hence assuring comfortability.

Smooth Gear Shifting Mechanism

A hybrid bike is part mountain bicycle, and it requires wide range of gears and an effortless gear shifting mechanism. And the Vilano Diverse 1.0 delivers just that. This hybrid road bike consists of both front and rear 21 Speed (3×7) Shimano Tourney Derailleur that provides the rider with variety of gears for every situation.

Be it pavement riding or trail riding; you will never face short of speed and velocity with this Vilano bicycle.

Moreover, Vilano made shuffling between gears smooth and effortless by installing a easy to use Shimano Revo Twist shifter that changes speed with just a mere twist of the arm.

Alloy V Brakes

To ensure the maximum safety of the riders, this Vilano Diverse 1.0 Performance bicycle includes alloy linear pull cantilever V-brakes provide extraordinary stopping power to the rider and stops the bike instantly as soon as you pull the brakes. Such stopping ability helps to avoid accidents and unwanted events.

Pros & Cons Of Diverse 1.0

What We Like
  • Available in a variety of size options
  • Comes with easy to use Revo shifters from Shimano
  • Includes excellent features and high-end components
  • Hydro-formed aluminum frame for better performance
  • 700C wheels effortlessly rolls over any kinds of terrains
  • Includes flat bar handlebars with grips for the better hold
What We Don’t Like
  • No kickstand included
  • Seat not so comfortable but expected

The Diverse 1.0 Performance Road Bike from Vilano is the perfect choice for entry-level riders who want to start cycling but don’t want to dig deep into the pocket. This affordable cycle will assist you to get fit, to travel to work or school, or to just roam around the neighborhood with much joy and pleasure.


5GMC Denali

Frame: Aluminum frame
Drivetrain: Shimano
Speed: 21 Speed
Brake: Alloy calipers Brake
Manufacturer: GMC
Available Colors 3 colors
Price Check Latest Price

In 5th spot, we have listed the most selling road bike at cheapest price. This is GMC Denali Road Bike.

Specially designed for the hard physic of men, the Denali Road Bike provides both performance and value within a very affordable price range. This bike proved itself as one of the great everyday bicycles with lots of amazing features and performances to offer.

Be it riding to school, supermarket or just riding around the block, and this Denali bike is the perfect bike for all your biking needs.

Excellent Built Quality; Lightweight Frame

GMC maintained its reputation of amazing built quality by constructing the frame of this Denali Road Bike using premium quality aluminum and intricate welding.

The aluminum helps to keep the weight light at the same time ensures the sturdiness of the bike and hence makes sure that the bike has long-lasting durability. Moreover, this Denali bicycle comes in a variety of frame sizes to accommodate different sized riders.

Super Derailleur and Shifters

Inexpensive in price doesn’t mean that the bike lacks performance or comes with cheap quality components. The GMC Denali bike comes with 21-speed derailleur and twist shifters from world-class brand Shimano.

The 21-speed derailleur provides a wide range of gears to the rider and makes sure that the rider is never out of speed or required velocity in any situation. Furthermore, the twist shifters make it really effortless to change between such a wide range of gears.

Better Stopping Power

Every bicycle should install an excellent braking mechanism to ensure the safety of the riders. The Denali bike from GMC includes alloy side pull brake calipers and levers that not only provides immense stopping power to the rider but also stops the bike on spot smoothly to avoid any unfortunate events.

Pros & Cons Of GMC Denali

What We Like
  • Available in different size options
  • Smart, attractive design to please everyone
  • Comes with Vitesse racing rims which is durable.
  • Alloy pull brakes offers maximum stopping power
  • Magnificent colors befitting for everyone’s preference
  • Incorporates alloy water bottle mount for convenience
  • 21-speed Shimano gear shifters promise a wide range of gears
  • Super lightweight aluminum frame promotes maneuverability
What We Don’t Like
  • Comes with stiff, uncomfortable seat post
  • Not so satisfactory pedals; there is room for betterment

Once you have a test drive with this Denali Road Bike from GMC, then there is way that you won’t like this bike. Its features, high-end components and performance alongside its attractive price range will surely allure your inner cyclist.


6Merax Finiss

Frame: 6061 Aluminum Frame
Drivetrain: Shimano
Speed: 21 Speed
Brake: Aluminum Caliper Brake
Manufacturer: Merax
Available Colors 3 colors
Price Check Latest Price

If you are looking for a high-performance, inexpensive racing bike then the Finiss Aluminum 21 Speed 700C Racing Road Bicycle from Merax is the ideal for you.

This bike features a 21-speed derailleur and shifter for high speeds and precise shifting on any types of road. This beginners bike offers a few fantastic features that will surely blow your mind.

Frame Quality

When it comes to build-quality of the bike, Merax didn’t spare any aspects to make it a long-lasting one. The frame of this Finiss road bicycle was manufactured with the supreme quality aluminum alloy that is super strong yet extremely lightweight.

At about just 28 pounds, this bike is very much easy to control and move. Moreover, such a lightweight frame delivers a very smooth and aerodynamic riding experience.

High-end Gear Shifters

Even though this Finiss road bike is one inexpensive model form, Merax doesn’t mean that it comes with cheap components. Merax incorporated 21-speed Shimano derailleur to provide a wide range of gear options to the rider considering it’s a racing bike.

Wide gear range ensures the quick increase in speed in any riding conditions. Furthermore, this bike also comes with Shimano shifters that make changing between gears and acquire the required velocity swift and smooth.

Quick Release Front Wheels

This racing road bike comes with a high-tech, quick release front wheel that can be installed and removed to/from the bike frame easily and without any hassle. You won’t even require any tool or kit to install or remove the wheel successfully.  The advantage of having quick release wheels is that it makes the bike portable as well as protects it from thieves.

Pros & Cons Of Merax Finiss

What We Like
  • Smart, bold outlook; attractive to all
  • Available in alluring color combinations
  • Comes in two different sizes to suit all body types
  • Extremely lightweight; easy to control and maneuver
  • Includes adjustable seat saddle for more comfortable riding
  • The aluminum constructed frame is super strong and durable
  • Comes with Shimano shifter and derailleur for smooth shifting between gears
What We Don’t Like
  • Requires professional help for total assembly

The Finiss Aluminum 21 Speed 700C Racing Road Bicycle is one of the low priced racing bicycles in a very affordable price range offered by Merax. This bike probably features the quality groupsets in the market and is good for racing as well as other cycling activities. This is a must buy.


7Vilano Shimano

Frame: Aluminum Frame
Drivetrain: Shimano
Speed: 21 Speed
Brake: Alloy Caliper Brake
Manufacturer: Vilano
Available Colors 2 colors
Price Check Latest Price

As the name suggests, the Vilano Shimano 21 Speed Road Bike is a Commuter bicycle that can be used for day to day riding activities. From riding to schools, to the office or just roaming around the neighborhood, the incredible features and comfort level of this Vilano bike never fails to amaze its riders.

Moreover, this road bicycle has an attractively cheap price tag that makes it a “hot cake” for its customers.

Clean, Lightweight Frame Design

The frame of top ranked road bikes tend to be incredibly light, and the Shimano 21 Speed Commuter Road Bike from Vilano offers no exception. The double butted aluminum alloy frame is exceptionally lightweight and very easy and comfortable to move around. Note that lightweight doesn’t mean that the frame lacks anything.

This bicycle frame is super strong and sturdy and hence assures long lasting durability to its customers.

High-end Shimano Components

Inexpensive bike model doesn’t mean that it comes with cheap components. This road bike from Vilano consists of 21-Speed gears and shifters from world-renowned Shimano brand that offers a wide range of gears to the rider with a smooth shifting ability. Such high gear range makes sure that the rider doesn’t fall short of gears in any given situation.

Comfortable Seat Post

A comfortable seat post makes your riding experience even more enjoyable, especially on long riding journeys. And that’s why Vilano made sure that they construct an Urban Commuter seat post that is super comfortable and cozy to seat on.

With this seat, your body won’t hurt and remain impact-free even after an extended riding exploration.

Pros & Cons Of Vilano Shimano

What We Like
  • Attractive, affordable price tag
  • Comes with free platform pedals
  • Firm, athletic outlook that impresses all
  • 21 Speeds helps to handle any speed situations
  • Surprisingly lightweight compared to its competitors
  • Sturdy and robust aluminum frame assures extended durability
  • Available in several different sizes to accommodate all sized riders
What We Don’t Like
  • Needs professional help for assembling
  • Often they send wrong sized brakes

If you are looking for a cheap commuter road bike for regular ride, then you must try out the Vilano Shimano 21 Speed Commuter Road Bike once and surely there won’t be any looking back because this bike is full of incredible features and performances that will blow your mind instantly.


8Goplus Commuter

Frame: Aluminum Frame
Drivetrain: Shimano
Speed: 21 Speed
Brake: Alloy Caliper Brake
Manufacturer: Goplus
Available Colors 3 colors
Price Check Latest Price

The last bike in this budget bike list is Goplus commuter road bike. This bike is similar to the VILANO SHIMANO commuter road bike. If you don’t like that then you can consider this great road bike for commuting.

For velocity, comfortability and looks, Goplus might be the “all in one road bicycle” for you. This bike features an alluring aluminum frame with an extremely comfortable body geometry for a comfortable ride and includes 21-speed gearing mechanism from Shimano to ensure remarkable speed.

Aside from these, the other amazing features of this road bike will also continue to astonish you.

Amazing Frame Quality

At about 32 pounds, the Commuter Road Bike from Goplus is one of the lightest entry level road bikes you will find in the market at a very inexpensive price tag. This bike can maintain its weight mostly because of the lightweight frame that is constructed with aluminum alloy.

Even though aluminum is lightweight, it doesn’t mean that the structure is weak and fragile. Goplus made sure that the frame is welded correctly and is super sturdy to withstand the abuse of rugged and rough terrains.

Adjustable Seat Post and Handlebars

A super comfortable frame is not enough for a pleasant riding experience; the geometry and riding position also matters. Keeping this fact in mind, Goplus embellished the frame with an adjustable seat post and handlebars which can be accustomed to your comfort level.

With such adjustments, you can even enjoy a long riding journey without suffering impacts on your body.

Quick Release 700C Wheels and Tires

Aside from the lightweight aluminum frame, the wheels and tires of this Goplus road bike also contribute in keeping the whole bike extremely lightweight. The 700C size wheels and tires are lightweight yet can roll over any roads smoothly without any struggle.

Moreover, this bike has a quick release front wheels that is easy to take off and replace with tools and kits.

Pros & Cons Of Goplus Commuter

What We Like
  • Easy to installation which is great for novice riders.
  • Comes in different bright, eye-catching color options
  • 700C tires rolls over smoothly on any types of terrains
  • Comes with quick release front wheel for extra convenience
  • Includes adjustable handlebars and seat post for added comfort
  • Lightweight design; suitable for everyone to move around easily
  • Aluminum constructed frame offers sturdiness; ability to tackle rough roads
What We Don’t Like
  • Not suitable for shorter people

This Goplus Commuter Road Bike will provide the rider with all the incredible features and top class riding performances at a very reasonable price range. Before buying your ultimate commuter bicycle, don’t forget to try this bike; this road bicycle will amaze you.

Things to know before buying a road bike under 200 Dollars

Before buying your desired road bike at cheapest price you have to think about few things for yourself. There will need some other costs when you bought a road bike within 200 dollars price range.

Like you have to buy a  road bike helmet, comfortable saddle, good pedals, bike lights, glasses, road bike shows to make the ride more enjoyable & as well as protect yourself from accidental injury.

And there is few other things that you have to buy for your bike maintenance like bike chain lube, bike pump kit, a pair of tire & tube for long rides etc. So you don’t have to worry about any bicycle issues on long rides.


After went through this list of best road bikes under 200 bucks you maybe found what you need at this price range. If you still confuse then I can help you to choose the cheapest road bike that is comes under affordable budget.

To narrow down the search I have marked Eurobike XC550 as the Winner in this bike list. But if you don’t like that bike then you can consider other bikes that I have marked as per bike specialty like – Single speed, Commuter, Most selling etc. Hope you find this article helpful.

Happy Pedaling!

Update : 2nd August, 2019

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