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DB Podium E'tape

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Raleigh Tamland 2

Lightweight Bike

Schwinn Fastback

Womens Bike

DB Airen 4

Beginner Bike

Tommaso Illimitate

Triathlon Bike

Kestrel Talon X 105

Aero Bike


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If you are looking for a moderately high-end road bicycle that would cost you a fair amount of money, then you have come to the right place; here we have a list of top ten best road bikes under 2000 dollars that have quite a fan base and offers loads and loads of amazing features and characteristics to satisfy your inner bike enthusiasm.













Last Updated: 22 Apr 2024

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By Zachary Anderson: We have updated the article to provide the most accurate information about road bikes under $2000. Some of the listed bikes have been replaced with newer models in order to assist individuals in finding which models are currently available online.

How We Selected

As we said earlier, As a entry-level rider you might don’t know how to buy your first road bike that can meet your expectation. Also you don’t have time to research many hours for the correct bike. To fill the gap & make the bike selecting process easy, we have researched countless hours & shortlisted over 100 bikes.

List of Best Road Bikes Under $2000 In 2021



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DB Podium E’tape

DB Podium E'tape


Raleigh Tamland 2

Raleigh Tamland 2


Kestrel Talon X 105

Kestrel Talon X 105


Tommaso Illimitate

Tommaso Illimitate


Diamondback Airen 4

Diamondback Airen 4


Eagle Z1 Aero

Eagle Z1 Aero


SAVADECK Phantom 5.0

SAVADECK Phantom 5.0


Schwinn Fastback

Schwinn Fastback


Raleigh Willard 2

Raleigh Willard 2


Diamondback Century 1

Diamondback Century 1


Cheap Road Bikes under $2000 Reviews

1. Diamondback Podium E'tape - EDITORS CHOICE

Diamondback Podium E’tape
  • Frame: AMMP+ Carbon Frameset
  • Drivetrain: Shimano 105
  • Speed: 11 Speed
  • Brake: Shimano BR-RS505 Disc Brakes
  • Manufacturer: Diamondback
  • Available Colors: 1 color

Diamondback Bicycles never fails to impress its riders and the introduction of the new Podium E’tape road bicycle is the proof. This cycle has a super competitive price tag but it didn’t compromise in installing amazing features and high-end components to this bicycle to deliver the riders with an incredible riding experience.

Because of quality components, features, specs & performance we have marked this bike as TOP PICK in the list of best road bikes for under $2000

ReadyRide Bike

Diamondback made sure that you can eliminate the usual hassle of at-home bike assembly and can set up your bike by only following few easy and convenient steps by pre-assembling the bike from the factory. This Podium E’tape road bike is ReadyRide and comes approx. 85% pre-assembled when delivered so that you can spend less time assembling and enjoy more time riding.

Amazing Carbon Frame

To make this high-end bike more convenient, Diamondback added a carbon constructed monocoque competition frame to this Podium E’tape road bicycle that is Di2/EPS compatible and can be upgraded to a racer frame effortlessly and in no time. This strong frame is super lightweight and ensures a very comfortable riding.

Super Wheels

The Podium E’tape road bike comes with a set of HED Flanders C2+ wheels that rolls over any surfaces smoothly and provides the rider with amazing stability.

Reliable Brakes

Diamondback always considers safety as a vital aspect, and that’s why they have included a pair of Shimano BR-RS505 flat mount hydraulic disc brakes at the front and back of this Podium E’tape bicycle to ensure maximum stopping power in any riding conditions. Moreover, these dual brakes provide great modulation for stopping the bike as soon as the brakes are pressed.

  • Di2/EPS compatible carbon fiber road frame
  • Amazing customer service for optimal satisfaction
  • Aerodynamic tubing for the most comfortable ride
  • Shimano dual disc brakes ensure maximum safety
  • Strong, smart look to impress every potential rider
  • Available in different sizes to accommodate every rider
  • Includes HED Flanders wheelset for the best stability and easy rolling

Without any doubt, the Podium E’tape Disc Brake Road Bike from Diamondback Bicycles is one of the best road bicycles under $2000 that Diamondback has to offer to its rider. If you have the means and willingness to spend quite an amount of cash, then this Podium E’tape would be an excellent choice for you.

2. Raleigh Tamland 2 - RUNNER UP

Raleigh Tamland 2
  • Frame: Reynolds 631 Chromoly Frame
  • Drivetrain: SRAM Rival 1x
  • Speed: 11 Speed
  • Brake: TRP Mechanical disc brakes
  • Manufacturer: Raleigh
  • Available Colors: 1 color

Looking for a gravel road bike? Look no further.

We have added an upgraded version of the original Tamland, the Tamland 2 from Raleigh Bikes serves you everything that you missed in its predecessor. This road bike comes with amazing features and incredible performances that you wouldn’t want to miss for anything else.

Steel Frame, Carbon Fork

The Raleigh Tamland 2 road bike comes with a Custom Butted steel alloy constructed frame that is not only super lightweight but also ensures extreme strength and extended durability. It also has a geometry that inspires confidence and provides a very comfortable riding position.

Moreover, the high-quality carbon fork this frame features dampen road vibrations successfully and make steering of the bike light and easy.

Shimano SRAM Components

Raleigh ensured supreme quality by installing all Shimano gearing components to this Tamland 2 road bike so that its riders can enjoy a wide range of gears and easy, effortless gear shifting to gain preferred speed easily and effectively.

Mechanical disc brakes

Keeping in mind about the safety of its riders, Raleigh Bikes installed TRP Spyre mechanical disc brakes to this Tamland 2 road bicycle that provide plenty of stopping power to the rider on any riding conditions.

Available in a variety of sizes

Raleigh wanted that every potential rider out there finds a size of this Tamland 2 road bicycle according to their height. Therefore, it introduced a wide variety of sizes of this road bicycle in the market so that everyone out their finds their preferred size and can enjoy the amazing performance of this bicycle.

  • Bright, impressive outlook to attract attention
  • Different size options available to accommodate every rider
  • Comes with mechanical disc brakes for fast stopping ability
  • Custom Butted steel alloy frame offers great strength and durability
  • 11 Speed SRAM Rival drivetrain a wide range of gears for your need

If you want to enjoy a high-end bike at a very competitive price range, then there would be nothing better than the Raleigh Bikes Tamland 2 All Road Bicycle. This bike is perfect for everyday riding as well as light trail riding and you would enjoy every moment while you are on it.

Check Raleigh Tamland 2 review to know more.

3. Kestrel Talon X 105 - TRIATHLON BIKE

Kestrel Talon X 105
  • Frame: Carbon Fiber Frame
  • Drivetrain: Shimano 105
  • Speed: 11 Speeds
  • Brake: Oval Concepts alloy lever
  • Manufacturer: Kestrel
  • Available Colors: 1 color

Are you in search of Triathlon road bike at $2000 budget?

We have added one of the latest and upgraded additions to the vast range of Kestrel bikes is the new Talon X 105 Triathlon road bicycle. This performance-packed ride can be enjoyed both as a road bike for day to day cycling activities as well as a triathlon bicycle to participate in racing or acrobatic events.

Durable Carbon Fiber Construction

Kestrel made sure that this multipurpose road bike is of high quality and that’s why they constructed the frame and fork of this Talon X 105 bicycle using their own KSL 800K high-modulus carbon fiber that is not only super strong and sturdy but also lightweight. The incredible strength of this bike endures various road abuses and ensures long-lasting durability.

Multipurpose Use

This Talon X 105 bike doesn’t not only serve the purpose of a road bike to meet day to day cycling demands but at the same time, you can also use it as a Triathlon bicycle for more advance, acrobatic riding positions.

Comfortable Aero Seat Post

The Kestrel EMS Pro Aero Seatpost that is featured in this Talon X 105 bike is super comfortable and relaxing to sit on, even for long riding hours. Moreover, this seat saddle can be mounted into several different positions so that you can enjoy a super comfortable riding geometry.

Different size options

Kestrel offers a wide variety of sizes for this Talon X 105 road bicycle, from XS to XL, to ensure that every potential buyer out their finds a perfect size according to their height and body mass.

  • Futuristic design to attract attention
  • Suitable for both road and triathlon-style ridings
  • The Shimano groupset ensures precise gear shifting
  • Highly customizable for perfect fit and riding position
  • Sturdy yet super lightweight carbon fiber construction
  • A wide range of size options to accommodate varieties of riders
  • Comfortable EMS Pro Aero Seat post offers several different riding positions

The aerodynamic frame, the futuristic design, and the high-end components made this Kestrel Talon X 105 Triathlon Road Bike the center of attention for many bike enthusiasts and considered as one of the best road bikes under 2000 in high-end Triathlon category that deliver you more than you have paid for.

4. Tommaso Illimitate - BEGINNER BIKE

Tommaso Illimitate
  • Frame: Aluminum Compact Frame
  • Drivetrain: Shimano Tiagra
  • Speed: 20 Speed
  • Brake: Disc Brakes
  • Manufacturer: Tommaso
  • Available Colors: 2 colors

In number 4, We have listed a perfect beginner road bike for the rider who wants to start biking.

A great bike manufacturer knows to get the small details right and so does Tommaso. It ensured that every little aspect and feature of this Illimitate road bike is constructed and added with utmost care and great responsibility so that you don’t find a scope for complaining.

Compact, Comfortable Geometry

The strong and compact frame of this Tommaso Illimitate road bike features an endurance geometry that assures the rider an upright riding position. This riding position is extremely comfortable even on the longest riding and makes sure that your body remains impact-less and fresh as this Tommaso Illimitate road bicycle is determined to provide you maximum comfort and excellent efficiency.

Shimano Drivetrain and Shifter

Tommaso didn’t spare any expenses while ensuring top-notch performance of this Illimitate road bike, and that’s why it incorporated Shimano Tiagra 20 Speed derailleurs and Tiagra shifters to this bicycle so that the riders can change between a wide range of gears effortlessly and can conquer anything the terrain throws at them.

All-terrain Wheels

To maintain the lightweight and also to prepare the bike for all kind of roads especially rugged, dirt, and gravel terrains, this Illimitate cycle comes with a set of wide wheels that are adorned with 28 spoke rim. These heavy-duty wheels are claimed to be aerodynamic and bomb-proof and rolls over on any trails super smoothly and efficiently.

Reliable Braking Mechanism

To make sure riders maximum safety, Tommaso included a pair off Tektro Lyra disc brakes that provide plenty of stopping power to the cyclists in all weather conditions and enables them to avoid any misfortune events on the road.

  • Smart design; matte finish
  • Incredible strong yet super comfortable to ride on
  • Tektro Lyra disc brakes ensure plenty of stopping power
  • The Carbon Fiber Fork dampens vibrations very effectively
  • 28 spoke rim wheels are suitable for even the roughest terrains
  • The aluminum constructed compact frame is lightweight and durable

There is no doubt that this Tommaso Illimitate road bike has its fair share of disadvantages, but it still makes for an amazing road bicycle which is committed to providing you the best riding experience at a very competitive price range.

5. Diamondback Airen 4 - WOMENS BIKE

Diamondback Airen 4
  • Frame: Carbon Fiber Frame
  • Drivetrain: Shimano 105
  • Speed: 11 Speed
  • Brake: Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • Manufacturer: Diamondback
  • Available Colors: 1 color

Diamondback Bicycles is always favored by women when it comes to buying bicycles because of the varieties of performances they offer, and Diamondback didn’t disappoint its customers with the Airen 4 road bike either. This bicycle is loaded with women’s specific features and high-end components to make sure that a woman can enjoy a comfortable, speedy yet very safe riding spree.

Carbon Frame, Carbon Fork

Inspite of being a women’s bicycle, the Airen 4 comes with a super strong and sturdy frame because Diamondback didn’t want to compromise with the quality and constructed its frame with high-quality carbon fiber and their intricate craftsmanship so that it can endure road abuses and last for an extended period.

Moreover, the fork of this road bike is also constructed from carbon so that it can absorb all the road vibrations and ensure you a smooth, comfortable ride, even in the bumpiest of roads.

Women’s Specific Features

The aspect that made this Airen 4 road bike an instant fan favorite is its Women’s-specific features. It is installed with Women’s-specific touch points, women’s specific saddle and last but not the least, women’s specific geometry. All these women’s specific features ensure that the delicate women’s body is safe and comfortable on the bike.

Several Different Sizes

Diamondback didn’t want any of the women out there to miss the fun of riding this Airen 4 bicycle and that’s why it manufactured an array of different sizes of this road bike so that every potential rider out there finds their perfect size and can enjoy the wonderful features.

  • Super competitive price range
  • Very impressive, the feminine outlook
  • The carbon fork effectively dampens road vibrations
  • Women’s specific geometry for the highest level of comfort
  • Several different sizes to accommodate different sized riders
  • Adorned with a comfortable seat saddle for greater efficiency
  • Carbon fiber frame is super lightweight yet extremely strong

This Diamondback Airen 4 carbon road bike might be your best choice if you are really into road biking and looking for something super strong yet easy to handle and safe.

6. Eagle Z1 Aero - AERO ROAD BIKE

Eagle Z1 Aero
  • Frame: Carbon Fiber Frame
  • Drivetrain: Shimano 105 Tiagra
  • Speed: 11 Speed
  • Brake: Tektro Double Turn Brakes
  • Manufacturer: Eagle Bicycles
  • Available Colors: 1 color

Eagle is best known for offering great bicycles for every budget. When they introduced the Z-Series road bicycle in the market, bike enthusiasts knew that they are going to enjoy a high-end bike at a very competitive price range. And Eagle didn’t disappoint its riders with its amazing features and incredible performances.

Japanese Carbon Fiber Frame

The aerodynamically designed Z-Series road bike comes with a super strong frame constructed from supreme quality Japanese 700-series carbon fiber material and intricate craftsmanship. This frame is not only strong and durable but at the same time, it is extremely lightweight so that the riders can maneuver the bike with super ease and comfort.

Moreover, the carbon fiber material also successfully dampens road vibrations caused by rough, rugged terrains so that you can enjoy reduced fatigue and a more comfortable riding spree.

Adjustable Seat Saddle

A comfortable riding position is very important, especially for longer riding hours and that’s why the frame of this versatile Eagle road bicycle is adorned with an adjustable seat post that can be adjusted according to your perfect fit and comfort level for a better geometry and riding position.

Carbon Wheel Set

To ensure top-notch quality and keep the overall weight of this Z-Series bicycle low, Eagle added a set of durable wheels that are also made from high-quality Japanese carbon fiber materials. These wheels roll over on any and every kind of terrains with ease and ensure that you enjoy a more smooth riding experience.

Different Size options

Eagle didn’t want anyone to be left out from enjoy the amazing benefits of this Z-Series bicycle and therefore, it offers a variety of different sizes of this cycle so that every potential rider out there finds their required size easily and conveniently.

  • Aerodynamic frame tubing offers athletic feel
  • Adjustable seat post for the perfect fit and comfort
  • Several sizes to accommodate every potential rider
  • Japanese carbon fiber frame is incredibly lightweight
  • Super strong and hence ensures long-lasting durability
  • Carbon material successfully dampens road vibrations
  • Superior customer service for optimal customer satisfaction

If you are willing to spend quite an amount of cash for a great road bicycle, then buying this Eagle Z-Series road bike would be a wise decision on your part. That’s because this bike not only has great components, it also ensures top-notch performance which would satisfy your inner biker.


SAVADECK Phantom 5.0
  • Frame: Carbon Fiber Frame
  • Drivetrain: SRAM FORCE
  • Speed: 22 Speed
  • Brake: V brake
  • Manufacturer: SAVADECK
  • Available Colors: 3 colors

Like the Eagle Z-Series road bike, We have added an alternative if you don’t like that.

To meet the various customers demands, SAVADECK introduced the upgraded version of the original Phantom road bicycle, the Phantom 5.0 with lots of new and latest features and components. This bike promises to deliver everything you wanted to enjoy on a road bike.

Full Carbon Fiber Construction

From the frame to the wheelset and the fork, every component of this SAVADECK Phantom 5.0 road bike is constructed using high-quality carbon fiber and SAVADECK’s intricate craftsmanship so that you can enjoy a lightweight yet super durable bike.

Furthermore, the carbon fork along with the full carbon body provides you with a successful road vibration dampening system and ensures an energy-saving riding experience.

Super Comfortable Fizik Saddle

The Ergonomic design, professional seat saddle is also carbon fiber constructed and provides a very comfortable sitting position, even in longer riding sprees. Moreover, the positioning of the seat saddle and the handlebars ensure an upright geometry for a better riding position and ease of the body.

Durable Set of Tires

The carbon wheels of this SAVADECK Phantom 5.0 road bicycle is surrounded by a pair of MICHELIN Pro road Tires that are strong and provides the necessary stability to the rider. Additionally, these tires are anti-gill and hard-wearing, and also have less friction with the surface so that you can enjoy a comfortable, safe ride.

ReadyRide Feature

Another great aspect of this SAVADECK Phantom 5.0 road bicycle is that it comes partially pre-assembled from the company; you have to install some component by following some easy steps and your bike is ready to hit the road.

  • Strong, impressive look
  • Provides stability and long-lasting durability
  • Carbon fork ensures effective vibration dampening
  • Comes with anti-gill, low friction Pro road Tires set
  • Carbon fiber constructed frame is super lightweight
  • SRAM Transmission Control System assures smooth riding
  • Ergonomic design seat post delivers a super comfortable riding position
  • Available in verities of size and color options to meet everyone’s preference

Even though this Phantom 5.0 road bike from SAVADECK has few drawbacks and quite a higher price range, it still manages to be a fan favorite because of its amazing features and incredible performances. If you have a higher budget, this Phantom 5.0 road bike would be a great choice for you.

8. Schwinn Fastback - LIGHTWEIGHT BIKE

Schwinn Fastback
  • Frame: Carbon Frame frame
  • Drivetrain: Shimano 105
  • Speed: 22 Speed
  • Brake: Shimano BR-561 alloy caliper
  • Manufacturer: Schwinn
  • Available Colors: 1 color

The first of its kind, this Schwinn Fastback road bike offers everything that every bike enthusiast craves for in an expensive, high-end road bicycle. Its super comfortable frame and seat post, it impressive outlook and on top, the incredible performance makes it a must-have in your garage.

Durable Frame Construction

The frame is the vital part that binds the whole bike together. And that’s why to ensure the long-lasting durability of the bicycle, Schwinn used N LITENED Black Label Carbon fiber material and their best craftsmanship to construct the strong frame of this Fastback road bicycle so that it can withstand any road abuse and remains unaffected.

Moreover, the carbon material also makes sure that the frame is extremely lightweight to move around easily and effortlessly.

Wonderful Set of Wheels and Tires

Schwinn added a pair of high-quality wheels with double wall Alex R500 rims to this Fastback bicycle so that the overall weight of the bike remains low but still has enough strength to roll over on rugged, dirt and pavement terrains smoothly and efficiently.

Moreover, these wheels are surrounded by Kenda kriterium 25C tires that ensure that the rider can enjoy a super speedy ride without facing any puncture or other difficulties.

Dual Braking Mechanism

To ensure the top-class safety of the rider and provide them with maximum stopping power, this Fastback road bike comes with the dual braking mechanism. The front and rear alloy caliper road brakes assure that the bike will come to an halt as soon as you press the brakes regardless of the weather or surface conditions.

  • Super competitive price range
  • Smart, impressive matte black outlook
  • Extremely lightweight and easy to move around
  • Available from XS to XL size to suit every rider’s needs
  • 22-speed Shimano drivetrain provides a wide range of gears
  • N LITENED Black Label Carbon frame offers durability and stability
  • Comes with both front and rear alloy caliper road brakes for better stopping

Schwinn is a reputed bicycle brand favored by many cyclists and its Fastback road bike is one of the high-end bicycles that it has manufactured to provide the all-around performance to its riders. If you have the means, then don’t waste your time and buy this road bike immediately.

9. Raleigh Willard 2 - ALTERNATIVE BIKE

Raleigh Willard 2
  • Frame: Aluminum Frame
  • Drivetrain: SRAM
  • Speed: 9 Speed
  • Brake: TRP spyre mechanical disc brakes
  • Manufacturer: Raleigh
  • Available Colors: 1 color

If you are looking for a relatively low priced yet quality road bicycle, then you can check the Willard 2 All-Road Bike from Raleigh Bikes. Even though it has a super competitive price tag, Raleigh didn’t compromise the quality of components and performances that it offers to its riders.

Durable Alloy Frame and Fork

The super lightweight frame of this Raleigh Willard 2 road bicycle is constructed using extremely strong steel materials that ensure that the bike is durable even after enduring the harshest conditions. Moreover, the positioning of the seat post and the handlebars provides an endurance geometry that makes it super comfortable for the rider to ride on all day long.

This frame also comes with a carbon fiber fork that absorbs road vibrations and impacts successfully for a more comfortable riding spree.


Raleigh Bikes made sure that their customers don’t have to spend long hours to assemble the bike or pay extra money for professional assembly by pre-assembling this Willard 2 bicycle almost 85% from their factory. You need to install a few parts and the bike is ready to hit the road.

Shimano Gearing Components

Raleigh didn’t spare any cost to make this Willard 2 bicycle a performance-packed one and that’s why they added all SRAM drivetrain so that the rider can enjoy superior speed. The 11 speeds drivetrain provides you the exact amount of gears you need to smoothly ride on any terrains and the shifter effortlessly shuffles between these gear for easy shifting.

Shimano Gears and Shifter

This Willard 2 bicycle ensured the safety of its riders by incorporation a pair of Mechanical disc brakes that provides plenty of stopping power to the rider in any weather conditions and helps to avoid any misfortune events on the road.

  • A super competitive price tag
  • The carbon fork provides super-responsive performance
  • Features ReadyRide; arrives approximately 85% assembled
  • Includes mechanical disc brakes for plenty of stopping power
  • Steel constructed frame is extremely lightweight yet super strong
  • Comes in a wide range of sizes to accommodate different sized riders
  • Features an upright geometry that ensures utmost comfort and control

This Raleigh Willard 2 All-Road Bike offers everything you need look for in a top class road bicycle. Without further ado, it’s high time that you buy one of these bikes to enjoy the supreme performance on the road.

10. Diamondback Century 1 - ALTERNATIVE BIKE

Diamondback Century 1
  • Frame: Aluminium Frame
  • Drivetrain: Shimano 105
  • Speed: 11 Speed
  • Brake: TRP spyre mechanical disc brakes
  • Manufacturer: Diamondback
  • Available Colors: 1 color

The Century 1 Road Bike from Diamondback Bicycles is truly an amazing road bike that will give you the best riding experience with its amazing features and power-packed performances. Even though the Century 1 is an endurance bicycle, you can still enjoy quite a few racing activities without being harsh to the bike.

Hand Built Frame

The Century 1 road bicycle from Diamondback features a 100% handmade, fully butted aluminum alloy frame that not only ensures supreme strength but at the same time provides stability and durability. This aluminum frame also made sure that the bike is lightweight and super easy to maneuver for an effective riding spree.

Comfortable Riding Position

To make your biking journey more comfortable and exciting, Diamondback introduced an Enhanced Performance Geometry to this Century 1 road bike which is actually an upright riding position that takes off the stress from your neck and back and ensures a more pleasant ride.

Wide Range of Gears

Diamondback installed Shimano gearing components to this Century 1 road bicycle to ensure the best of performances. The 22 Speed drivetrain provides the rider with a wide variety of gears for a wide range of speeds and the Shimano Dual Control shifters ensure precise, swift shifting between these gears for the best riding journey.

Dependable Braking Mechanism

As this Century 1 road bike is a fast ride, Diamondback added both front and rear TRP Spyre mechanical disc brakes to it so that the rider has the maximum stopping power and can enjoy a safe riding spree.

  • Comes with two water bottles holder
  • Includes supreme quality sports wheel set
  • 22 Speed Shimano drivetrain offers a wide variety of gears
  • Features endurance geometry for more comfortable riding
  • The aluminum constructed frame is lightweight and easy to control
  • Comes with dual mechanical disc brakes for maximum stopping ability

If you are looking for a road bike with a little something extra then the Diamondback Century 1 road bike is the perfect choice for you. It is full of incredible performance, features and safety measures which will surely satisfy your biking needs.

Check Diamondback Century 1 review to know more.

Final Verdict

There are many aspects that you need to keep in mind before buying your ultimate road bike and in this review, we have tried to touch all the vital factors that every potential buyer looks for. From frame quality to wheels and tires and gearing components, all the things are listed for your convenience.

We can guarantee that you have found your bicycle from the above list and already are on your way to purchase one.

Happy Pedaling!

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