Best Road Bikes Under 300 Dollars

If you are planning to get a decent road bike at affordable price then you are at the right place. To help you get your perfect road bike we have listed some best road bikes under 300 dollars that will make you feel comfortable while ride.

We have tried our level best to provide accurate information that will give you clear view of the bike that will be ideal for you. I hope this extensive review will be helpful for you.

Road Bikes Under $300 Comparison List

Bike NameFrameSpeedColorsPrice?
Schwinn Volare 1400 [ Winner ]Aluminum141
Vilano Shadow STI [ Runner up ]Aluminum142
Schwinn Phocus 1500 [ Flat Bar ]Aluminum241
GMC Denali [ Boys ]Aluminum211
Giordano Rapido [ Single Speed ]SteelFixed1
Mercier Galaxy SC1 [ Unisex ]Aluminum142
Gravity Ave A [ Lightest ]Aluminum143
Vilano AluminumAluminum213
Schwinn Axios [ Triathlon ]Aluminum141
Bavel Commuter [ Commuter ]Aluminum213

How We Selected

As we said earlier, As a entry-level rider you might don’t know how to choose the budget road bike that can meet your expectation. Also you don’t have time to research many hours for the correct bike. To fill the gap & make the bike selecting process easy, we have researched countless hours & shortlisted over 100 bikes.

From these bikes, based on expert opinion, cyclist feedback, features, components & pricing we have come to a list of top ranked road bikes under 300 dollars which are currently trending online market.

10 Best Road Bikes Under 300 Dollars Reviews



1Schwinn Volare 1400

Frame:Aluminum Frame
Speed:14 Speed
Brake:Alloy Linear Pull Brakes
Available Colors1 color
PriceCheck Latest Price

The first bike from SCHWINN brand. You may be wondering why we have listed this bike at #1 spot? well, we have the answer. Based on performance, components & pricing make this bike  TOP PICK in this list of top rated road bikes under $300.

Schwinn never fails to surprise its riders with high quality and incredible performances and the Volare 1400 Men’s Road Bicycle is no different. This multi-purpose bicycle was designed for athletic men who want to start their cycling journey or are already intermediate level riders.

This performance-packed bicycle is full of amazing features and quality component to make commuting and light trail riding more enjoyable and gratifying.

Strong, Agile Frame

Manufacturers always try to keep the frame of a road bike as lightweight as possible because lightweight frames are easy to control and move around. And that’s why most road bike comes with the aluminum constructed frame. The Schwinn Volare 1400 Road Bicycle is no exception. It has an aluminum built frame with a steel rigid road fork that ensures quick and agile riding experience.

Even though this Volare bicycle is extremely lightweight, it doesn’t mean that fragile. Aluminum alloy along with intricate welding results in a strong and sturdy frame and thus assures long-lasting durability.

Dependable, Oversized Tires

This Volare road bike comes with a set of high-quality wheels that are adorned with Schwinn oversized road tires to deliver a smooth and effortless cycling experience in any roads you wish to discover.

Furthermore, these wheels also feature high-profile alloy double wall rims that are exceptionally lightweight and contributes to keeping the overall weight low.

Excellent Braking Mechanism

When it is about the safety of its riders, Schwinn didn’t compromise in quality and installed an excellent braking system to this Volare road bicycle. The alloy caliper road brakes combined with an integrated brake lever provides maximum stopping power and ensures that the rider can stop the bike instantly on the spot without having to face any accidents.

With this men’s bike, the rider always feels safe and secured on any road conditions.

Pros & Cons Of  Schwinn Volare 1400

  • Comes with sport riding seat post
  • Available in alluring colors to choose from
  • Lightweight and comfortable; easy to maneuver
  • Strong, versatile design befitting for men’s physic
  • Dependable braking system for more stopping power
  • Sturdy aluminum frame ensures durability and longevity
  • 14 Speed Shimano integrated shifter provides precise shifting
  • Poor quality pedals; treads wore out easily
  • Not easy to assemble; might require expert assistance

There is no doubt that this Volare 1400 Men’s Road Bicycle from Schwinn is one of the top bicycles of its class with many a bunch of incredible features and amazing performances. If you are looking for the best road bike at an affordable budget, then this bicycle might be the perfect choice for you.


2Vilano Shadow STI

Frame:Aluminum Aero Frame
Speed:14 Speed
Brake:Dual Pivot Alloy Caliper
Available Colors2 colors
PriceCheck Latest Price

In the 2nd row, We have listed Vilano Shadow Road Bike with Shimano STI Integrated Shifters. You can consider this bike as ALTERNATIVE of TOP PICK bike.

Vilano manufactured a bunch of entry-level bikes for beginners, and the Shadow Road Bike with Shimano STI Integrated Shifters is considered as one of the top selling road bike that Vilano has to offers to beginners who want to start their cycling journey with a branded bicycle. This road bicycle not only offers incredible performances but also has a stylish and versatile outlook that impresses everyone.

Excellent build quality

Vilano never compromises with quality and tries to deliver the great bike to its riders. And that’s why it used 6061 double butted aluminum alloy to construct the Aero frame of its Shadow Road Bike to ensure stability and sturdiness.

Aluminum frames tend to be extremely lightweight yet very strong and hence promises long-lasting durability. Moreover, this frame is decked up with an integrated headset, a seat post and alloy handlebars with grip for extra comfortability and convenience.

Integrated Shimano Shifters

As the name indicates, this Vilano Shadow road bicycle comes with STI Integrated gear shifters from world-class brand Shimano that assures a more controlled and precise shifting between the gears. This shifter is placed in an accessible place for easy control.

Notably, this road bike offers 14 speed Shimano gears that can tackle both hills and flat terrains effortlessly and make sure that the beginner has just the perfect number of gears to get used to.

Reliable Set of Wheels

This Vilano Shadow road bicycle includes a pair of 700c sized doubled walled wheels that manufactured in such a way that they sit smoothly on the road and provides immense maneuverability to the riders. Moreover, these lightweight wheels incorporate narrow high-pressure tires with minimal treads for a smoother and more reliable rolling over any road types.

Pros & Cons Of Vilano Shadow

  • Comes with platform pedals for free
  • Strong and sturdy aluminum frame to hold up weight
  • Reliable set of double wall wheels for the carefree ride
  • Built to last when appropriately treated; extremely durable
  • Dual alloy caliper brakes provide maximum stopping power
  • Comes with Shimano shifters for precise shifting between gears
  • Stylish and versatile design to impress; serves multiple purposes
  • A wide variety of size options available to accommodate different types of riders
  • Not the perfect bicycle for rough roads
  • Doesn’t include a high-quality seat post; very uncomfortable to sit on

The Vilano Shadow Road Bike offers affordability and high performance along with high-end components to its riders. This bicycle is the perfect ride for beginners and assures more value than the money spent.


3Schwinn Phocus 1500

Frame:Aluminum Fitness Frame
Speed:24 Speeds
Brake:Mechanical Disc Brakes
Available Colors1 color
PriceCheck Latest Price

In the 3rd row, Schwinn Again, but this time this bike from Schwinn specifically for the women’s rider. Also it features FLATBAR handlebar to give ladies more comfortable while ride.

Looking for a branded entry-level road bike for women at an affordable price tag to start your riding journey with? Then look no more because the Phocus 1500 Flat Bar Road Bike from Schwinn is a great bicycle that offers incredible performances along with great style. You can use this bike for regular riding as well as cruising through the city roads effortlessly.

Supreme Quality Fitness Frame

Schwinn never fails to deliver the top quality to its customers. The fitness frame of its Phocus 1500 is constructed using the high-quality aluminum alloy that is lightweight and is super comfortable to move around. Also, the frame features an upright geometry for more comfortable and convenient riding posture.

Moreover, this durable frame is decked up with an aluminum sports suspension fork that makes sure that the rider enjoys a fast, efficient yet super comfy riding on any roads.

Shimano Components

Schwinn didn’t compromise the quality of components and that’s why it installed Shimano derailleurs and shifters in this road bike for its riders to enjoy a more advanced and improved riding experience. The 24-speed front and rear derailleurs provide a wider range of gears so that the rider is never out of gear in any given situations.

Moreover, the EZ-Fire trigger shifters provide precise shifting and shifts between gears effortlessly to deliver required speed in the shortest time possible.

Double Wall Wheels

To ensure a gentle and pleasant riding experience, Schwinn added a pair of high profile wheels with double wall alloy rims to this Phocus 1500 bike. These wheels are as lightweight as feathers and offer remarkable stability and smoothness to the rider. Therefore no matter on which road type you are riding, you will relish a non-impactful riding.

Pros & Cons Of Schwinn Phocus 1500

  • Provides excellent value for the price
  • Magnificent craftsmanship and design
  • Aluminum fitness frame is lightweight yet very strong
  • Upright riding geometry provides comfortable riding posture
  • Includes Mechanical disc brakes for maximum safety measures
  • The high profile double wall wheels ensure durability and stability
  • Comes in two different frame sizes for a variety of accommodation
  • Very much uncomfortable seat post
  • Requires professional tuning for better performance

The fantastic performance and experience provided by this Schwinn Phocus 1500 flat bar road bike are incredible and unmatchable. Once you check out this inexpensive yet high-end quality road bike, you will want to have one for your riding.


4GMC Denali

Frame:Aluminum 6061 Frame
Speed:21 Speed
Brake:Alloy Calipers Brakes
Available Colors1 color
PriceCheck Latest Price

A bike designed for kids. The Denali 24-Inch Road Boys Bike from GMC is the perfect entry-level bicycle for kids of 9-12 years of age and has a suitable height. This bike was built around a lightweight aluminum frame and features some fantastic characteristics and components to make riding comfortable and enjoyable for a young kid.

Amazing Frame Quality

Considering that the Denali 24-Inch road bike is a kids bicycle, GMC constructed the frame with premium quality aluminum alloy to make it super strong, sturdy and ensure that it can withstand all types of abuse of a kid’s action. Moreover, this bicycle frame is exceptionally lightweight and hence it is super easy to move around, even for a kid.

Also keeping in mind about kids height and comfort, this Denali bicycle features a 17-inch frame with a low stand-over height that makes it easy to get on and off the bike.

Effective and Efficient Set of Gears

Even though the Denali is for kids up to 12 years, it didn’t stop GMC to install high-quality Shimano components on this road bicycle. The 21 speed offers a wide range of gears to the young rider to get accustomed with gears and velocity.

And at the same time, the Shimano shifters ensure a swift and easy shifting between such wider range gears and provides a smooth riding with great speed.

Responsive Braking System

As it’s a kids bicycle and it features high-speed components, safety is one vital aspect and that’s why the Denali kid’s bike comes with a pair of alloy caliper brakes attached to its frame. These brakes are highly responsive and deliver maximum stopping power to its young rider to avert accidents and other unfortunate events.

Pros & Cons Of GMC Denali

  • Provides the best value for the money
  • Comes with high-quality racing rims by Vitesse
  • Features low stand-over height for easy on/off the bike
  • Extremely lightweight yet super strong aluminum frame
  • Shimano 21 Speed derailleur provides a wide range of gears
  • Includes alloy water bottle mount for additional convenience
  • Great entry level road bicycle for kids; best for 9-12 years old boys
  • Alloy Caliper Brakes ensures the highest amount of stopping power
  • Requires professional assistance for full assembly
  • Not the best pair of pedals; needs to be changed immediately

Comparing the price and performances that the GMC Denali 24-Inch Road Boys Bike offers, it’s a fantastic deal and you need to buy it immediately for your young kid. The performances and components of this bike will surely amaze the inner cyclist of your child.


5Giordano Rapido

Frame:Steel Frame
Drivetrain:Flip Flop Hub
Speed:Single Speed
Brake:Alloy Side Pull Brakes
Available Colors1 color
PriceCheck Latest Price

The Rapido Single Speed Road Bike from Giordano is one low budget high performed bicycle that can be upgraded and customized according to your preferences. This cycle is specially designed with several outstanding features and components for riding in minimal hilly terrains as well as commuting throughout the city.

Amazing Build Quality and Framework

Giordano ensured the quality of its Rapido Single Speed Road Bike by constructing its frame with aluminum alloy and intricate Tig-welding. This frame is fully handcrafted to make sure it is strong and sturdy enough to endure all kinds of abuses of the road and still stand strong. In one word, this road bicycle is very much durable and long lasting.

Furthermore, the aluminum alloy also helped to keep the bike weightless. A lightweight bike is easy to control and also is super comfortable to ride on.

Incredible Flip Flop Hub Design; Single Speed Mechanism

One of the most important and diverse features that attract cyclists is the simplicity of this Giordano Rapido Single Speed Road Bike. This bicycle incorporates an amazing flip-flop hub mechanism to eliminate the need for complicated gearing and gear shifting system and make cycling even easier.

This Flip Flop Hub system features only two-speed modes; Single speed or freewheel speed mode that makes riding cycle fuss-free. Additionally, switching between these two modes is rather easy; you have to flip the handle situated in the rear hub and the work is done.

Different Size Options

Different sized riders might want to ride this versatile cycle. And Giordano also wanted to offer something to everyone and from that thought, it introduced different sizes of its Rapido Single Speed Road Bike to the market. This bicycle is available in an array of sizes to accommodate various body shaped and sized riders and make their cycling experience more enjoyable.

Pros & Cons Of Giordano Rapido

  • Sturdy yet stylish design
  • Alluring color options available
  • Comes in different sizes to fit an array of riders
  • Alloy side pull brakes ensure immense stopping ability
  • Includes rear Flip Flop Hub for additional convenience
  • Incorporates top-class components for safety and comfort
  • Strong aluminum frame ensures long lasting durability and stability
  • Very uncomfortable seat post
  • Cheap quality pedals need to be replaced immediately

The Rapido Single Speed Road Bike from Giordano is the perfect choice for those riders who want to customize their bike in their way, even though it comes with some amazing features itself.  This cost-effective bicycle is an incredible beginners bike and won’t let you down with its results.


6Mercier Galaxy SC1

Frame:Aluminum Frames
Speed:14 Speed
Brake:Aluminum caliper black
Available Colors2 colors
PriceCheck Latest Price

If you are searching for a high quality, low budget unisex road bike to meet your daily commuting activities then the Galaxy SC1 Road Bike with Shimano Shifting from Mercier is the perfect choice for you. While keeping the price low, Mercier didn’t compromise quality; this bike comes with several outstanding features and delivers some amazing performances to impress its riders.

Incredible Build Quality

Mercier promises quality and that’s why it constructed the frame of its Galaxy SC1 road bike with aluminum alloy. Aluminum alloy combined with strong welding made the bike frame super robust and sturdy. It can endure the abuse and torture of rough and rugged riding, thus ensures long-lasting durability.

Note that, this aluminum frame is also very lightweight. A lightweight frame assures super stability and easy to control movement. Furthermore, Mercier decked up the frame of this road bike with a padded seat post and compact upright geometry to provide its riders some extra comfort while riding.

Strong Wheel Set

To ensure utmost comfort of its riders, Mercier installed a pair of double-walled aluminum alloy wheels with alloy rims to this Galaxy SC1 road bike. These wheels offer stability to the riders as well as rolls over smoothly on any kinds of surfaces without much impact on the rider's body. Moreover, this wheelset is extremely lightweight and helps to subsidize the overall weight of the bike.

Shimano Gearing Mechanism

Even though this Galaxy SC1 road bike is one of the inexpensive models from Mercier, it didn’t compromise in the quality of components. And therefore this road bike comes with Shimano derailleur and shifters for more effective riding. The 14 Speed derailleur provides the rider with the required velocity and the Stem Shifters ensure easy changing of gears to achieve that required speed.

Pros & Cons Of Galaxy SC1

  • Strong, stylish design
  • Extremely lightweight and comfortable
  • Padded seat post provides extra comfort
  • Great bike suit beginner to sport level rider
  • Upright riding position great for long rides.
  • Unisex bike; suitable for both men and women
  • Shimano shifters ensure smooth and precise gear shifting
  • Aluminum constructed frame offers durability and super stability
  • Comes in different sizes and colors to meet everyone’s preference
  • Doesn’t include a water bottle mount
  • Requires professional tuning for better performance

If you are a new rider or looking for a cycle that is easy to ride, then purchasing this Mercier Galaxy SC1 Road Bike with Shimano Shifting would be an excellent choice for you. This bike is extremely comfortable and is filled with easy to use components and would surely provide you the best value for your money.


7Gravity Ave A

Frame:Aluminum Frame
Speed:14 Speed
Brake:Caliper black
Available Colors3 colors
PriceCheck Latest Price

The Avenue A Road Bike from Gravity is the lightest road bike for you if you are looking for a bicycle to meet your day to day cycling activities. Either you take it to your college or use it for cardio or navigating through the city roads, the Avenue bike will never disappoint you with its outstanding performances and drool-worthy features.

Amazing Frame Quality

To provide utmost comfort to its riders, Gravity also tried to keep its Avenue A road bike as light as possible and therefore constructed the frame of this bike using aluminum alloy and well-engineered hydroformed tubing. This magnificent craftsmanship not only keeps the frame lightweight but also ensures that the rider is comfortable on this cycle.

Additionally, for extra comfortability, this Avenue cycle features a compact upright riding position so that your body remains impact-free even after long hours of riding.

Outstanding Pair of Wheels

This Gravity Avenue A bicycle incorporates a set of aluminum alloy wheels with aluminum rims and steel pokes that helps to roll the bike easily and smoothly through any kinds of terrains. These wheels also assist in keeping the stability of the cycle on point. Moreover, aluminum wheels tend to be extremely lightweight and durable which adds to the overall durability of this cycle.

Shimano Gearing Mechanism

Gravity didn’t want to fall back while installing high-end components on this Avenue A road bicycle. And that’s why it incorporated Derailleurs and shifters from Shimano brand to provide its riders a smooth speed changing experience.

The 14-speed drivetrain provides exactly the amount of gears a rider needs to commute through city roads perfectly. And the shifter makes changing between these 14 gears smooth and effortless so that it’s easy to gain preferred velocity.

Pros & Cons Of Gravity Ave

  • Bright, eye-catching color options
  • Strong and sturdy, hence delivers durability
  • Offers upright geometry for additional comfort
  • Bright, attractive design; suitable for man and women
  • Alloy wheels roll over smoothly and comfortably on roads
  • Available in various sizes to accommodate all type of riders
  • The aluminum constructed frame is lightweight and offers easy maneuverability
  • No water bottle mount or rack
  • Not suitable for shorter riders

This bike will be a great maching for them who like lightweight bikes. This bike delivers amazing features and performances at a very budget friendly price range which can be affordable for all.


8Vilano Aluminum

Frame:Aluminum Frame
Speed:21 Speed
Brake:Alloy Caliper
Available Colors3 colors
PriceCheck Latest Price

Vilano is known for manufacturing great road bikes at a very affordable price range, and the 21 Speed Road bike is no different. This entry level road bike is filled with a bunch of incredible features and is considered as one of the top notch road bikes for commuting and light riding. The phenomenal performances it delivers will surely amaze you.

Strong Frame Construction

While constructing the frame of a road bike, manufacturers try to keep it as simple and as lightweight as possible. Keeping up with the trend, Vilano built the frame of its 21 speed Road Bike with the double-butted aluminum alloy that is extremely lightweight and super easy to control and move around.

Lightweight doesn’t mean that the frame is weak and not long lasting. The structure of this road bike is incredibly strong and sturdy, hence offers an extended lifetime.

Great Gears and Adjustable Shifters

Even though this Vilano road bicycle is one inexpensive model, it comes with some superior components to ensure smooth riding experience. 21 Speed Gears and Shifters from Shimano are such components that make sure you enjoy every bit of your riding.

The Shimano 21 Speed Derailleur delivers a wide range of gears so that you have gear for any road and situations. And the shifters from Shimano assures that shuffling between is swift and effortless and you can gain your preferred speed without any hassle.

Incredible Braking System

To deliver maximum safety measures to its riders, this Vilano road bike features Alloy Caliper brakes that provide immense stopping power to the rider. This reliable alloy brakes stop the bike from any speed with much effort and helps to dodge accidents and other mishaps.

Pros & Cons Of Vilano Aluminum

  • Affordable price range
  • Comes in a variety of color options to choose from
  • Excellent road bike for beginners; great value for the money
  • Includes Shimano SIS Shifters for a better riding experience
  • 700c Doubled Walled wheelset to support even the roughest ride
  • Available in 3 different sizes to accommodate different types of riders
  • The Double Butted Aluminum frame ensures durability and longevity
  • Uncomfortable seat post; not suitable for long riding journeys

One of the lightest bikes of its kind, this Vilano 21 Speed Road Bike will be a great addition to your garage. This bicycle is an excellent choice if you are starting your cycling journey and looking for a budget-friendly bicycle.


9Schwinn Axios TT

Frame:Aluminum Frame
Speed:14 speed
Brake:Alloy caliper brakes
Available Colors1 color
PriceCheck Latest Price

Looking for a Triathlon Road Bicycle at an affordable price range with lots of amazing features? Look no more. Because the Schwinn Men's Axios TT 700c Drop Bar Triathlon Road Bicycle is the perfect option for you.

This road bike was specially designed for the hard physic of a man and are meant for athletes and cycling enthusiasts. The features and performances it offers to its riders will surely attract anyone's attention.

Sturdy, Durable Construction

A triathlon bike is meant for serious athletes and sports, and therefore it requires a super strong and sturdy frame to withstand heavy riding and abuses. Keeping this fact in mind, the structure of this Axios TT 700c Drop Bar bike was constructed with high-grade aluminum alloy because aluminum is solid metal and ensures extended durability to the bike.

Additionally, this lightweight aluminum frame includes a road fork that delivers a quick and agile riding experience to its riders.

Skinny, Smooth Set of Tires

One of the main features of Triathlon bikes are their skinny set of tires and the Schwinn Men's Axios Triathlon Road Bicycle didn’t disappoint in this area also. The high profile wheels with sleek, skinny tires and alloy rims paired with spokes are incredibly lightweight yet very strong. These wheels contribute to keeping the total bike weight low as well as ensures smooth, effortless rolling over any road types.

Shimano Gears and Shifter

This Schwinn Axios Triathlon Road Bicycle is installed with gears and shifter from world-class Shimano brand. The 14-speed drivetrain provides the riders with enough gears to attain required velocity and enjoy fast riding. With these gears, the riders have more flexibility with speed.

At the same time, the Microshift integrated gear shifter shifts between gears effortlessly and enabled riders to gain speed in a short time.

Pros & Cons Of Schwinn Axios TT

  • Strong construction for serious athletes
  • Lightweight and comfortable to ride on
  • Drop bar fitted with triathlon extensions
  • Aluminum frame assures durability and longevity
  • High profile wheels with alloy rims for easy rolling
  • The 14 speeds Shimano rear derailleur provides required velocity
  • Includes Aerobar extensions for additional comfort and convenience
  • The Promax alloy caliper road brakes assure safety and on time stopping
  • Not too easy to assemble; hard to understand assembly instruction

The Axios Triathlon Road Bicycle for Men's from Schwinn is one of the top ranked TT bikes you will get in the market at such an inexpensive price range. This performance packed bike will surely blow your mind and provide the value of your money.


10Bavel Commuter

Frame:Aluminum Frame
Speed:21 Speed
Brake:Disc Brake
Available Colors3 colors
PriceCheck Latest Price

The last one from Bavel.

There is nothing as good as the Bavel Commuter Aluminum Road Bicycle to ensure smooth and efficient day to day cycling activity. This is a multi-purpose bicycle at a very cost-effective price range; you can use it to keep yourself fit, to go to work or college or just for cruising through the neighborhood. The amazing features of the commuter bike will never stop to amaze you.

Lightweight, Comfortable Frame Design

Maneuvering a heavy bicycle is tough. Therefore, Bavel tried to keep the weight of its Commuter Aluminum Road Bike as light as possible. It constructed the frame of this cycle with the supreme quality aluminum alloy that is super lightweight, comfortable and at the same time cost-effective.

Remember that lightweight doesn’t always mean weak and fragile. Bavel used down-hand welding along with aluminum in the construction process to make the frame as strong and sturdy as possible. A strong frame can withstand abuses easily and offers durability and longevity.

Quick Release Wheels

The frame of this Bavel commuter bike is decked up with a pair of high profile Shimano TZ-21 wheels to add to the stability of the bike. These wheels are quick release and easy to assemble and disassemble. You can effortlessly remove the front and rear wheel for quick cleaning and then again put in the cycle without any help from professionals.

Furthermore, these wheels feature aluminum alloy rims and 700C tires that not only keeps the overall weight loss but also helps to roll easily and smoothly on all types of roads.

Precise Gear Shifting

This road bike is installed with Shimano Derailleur and Shimano EF-500 shifter for a high-end speed-feel. This shifter shuffles between gears smoothly and effortlessly and ensures proper gear changing while riding the bike. This mechanism ensures you never fall short of gears and have required speed whenever needed.

Pros & Cons Of Bavel Commuter

  • Offers phenomenal customer services
  • Excellent design for a comfortable ride
  • Dual disc brakes for maximum stopping power
  • Adjustable seat post for comfortable rider’s geometry
  • Aluminum constructed frame for durability and stability
  • Includes quick release front and rear wheels for added convenience
  • Comes with Shimano EF-500 shifter for smooth accurate gear shifting
  • Available in different sized frames to accommodate the variety of riders
  • The saddle is uncomfortable. Replace with better one.
  • Requires professional assembly and tuning for better riding

The Bavel Commuter Aluminum Road Bike is a strong and comfortable bicycle with some incredible features. Although this bike has some drawbacks, it would never fail to deliver outstanding performance and therefore it’s a must buy cycle.

Remember few things before buying a road bike under 300 dollars

If you are a beginner level rider then you should know something before buying a budget road bike . As per us road transport law you have to aware few things that is very important for your bike riding. You have to buy road bike helmet to protect yourself, bicycle light for night riding, biking shoes, bicycle lock to keep your bike safe from thief.

Also, You have to buy some other accessories that will help you on long distance rides with friends & colleagues like bike pump, extra tire & tube, comfortable saddle etc. This accessories not cost you too much but able full fill your expectation by giving comfortable ride.


We have listed this 10 top rated bikes that you can find under $300. Among all Schwinn Volare 1400 is the BEST OVERALL BIKE that you can choose but it doesn't mean that all other bikes are crap.  In this list all bikes are great contender. I hope after went through this extensive review of best road bikes under 300 dollars you might be found your perfect bike that can full-fill your expectation.
Happy Pedaling!

Update : 2nd May, 2020

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