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Schwinn Phocus 1600


Giordano Libero Acciao


Vilano Diverse 3.0

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If you have wanted to buy a road bicycle for the fun of city commuting activities or fitness purpose or just as a cheaper way of traveling to office or college, it is possible to buy a decent quality road bike without cutting deep into your pocket.

In this article, we have listed some best road bikes under 500 dollars that you can fit with your budget. Keep on reading and find the best match for your biking needs.









Last Updated: 25 Jul 2021

Zachary Anderson

By Zachary Anderson: We have updated the article to provide the most accurate information about road bikes under $500. Some of the listed bikes have been replaced with newer models in order to assist individuals in finding which models are currently available online.

Top 8 Best Road Bikes Under 500 Dollars



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Schwinn Volare 1600

Schwinn Volare 1600


Giordano Libero Acciao

Giordano Libero Acciao


Vilano Diverse 3.0

Vilano Diverse 3.0


DB Haanjenn Tero

DB Haanjenn Tero

For Womens

DB Haanjo Trail

DB Haanjo Trail

For Boys

Giordano Libero 1.6

Giordano Libero 1.6

For Mens

Giordano Libero

Giordano Libero

For Girls

Vilano Shadow 2.0

Vilano Shadow 2.0


Poseidon ‘TRITON’

Poseidon ‘TRITON’

Lightweight Bike

Nashbar AL1

Nashbar AL1


Road Bikes under $500 Reviews

1. Schwinn Volare 1600 - EDITOR's PICK

Schwinn Volare 1600
  • Frame: Aluminum Road Frame
  • Drivetrain: Shimano
  • Speed: 14 Speed
  • Brake: Alloy Linear Pull Brakes
  • Manufacturer: Schwinn
  • Available Colors: 1 color

The first place holder is Schwinn Phocus 1600 road bike for Men’s. Based on performacne, features, reviews & price make this bike TOP PICK in this road bike list.

The Phocus 1600 Road Bike from Schwinn is the ultimate drop bar bicycle that you will find in the market. This relatively budget-friendly road bicycle is super lightweight and can be easily carried around. This bike ensures that you have a fruitful riding and can burn your calories with its incredible features and performances.

Comfortable, Lightweight Frameset

At about 23 pounds, the Schwinn Phocus 1600 Men’s Road Bike is one of the lightest bicycles that you will come across. The premium quality aluminum constructed the frame with intricate welding and carbon fiber road fork helped to keep the bicycle such lightweight. This frame also features an upright geometry to provide the rider with a more comfortable riding position.

Although this bike frame is extremely lightweight, it’s also solid and durable. You can take it on even the roughest road and still it won’t fall apart and disappoint you.

Shimano Derailleurs with 16 Speed Gears

Speed matters! And that’s why this Phocus 1600 road bike comes with Shimano 16 speed gears that make sure that the entry level rider has the exact amount of gears for a decent speed to ride comfortably on any kinds of terrains without many hurdles.

Furthermore, to make shifting between the gears smooth and swift, Schwinn installed Shimano Micro shifter that is fully integrated with brakes meaning that all your bike’s control is in one place; that is at your fingertips.

Wonderful Wheelset

The lighter the weight of the bike, the more comfortable riding experience you will have. And therefore this Phocus 1600 bike incorporated a pair of high-quality wheels with High profile alloy double wall rims & paired spokes that contribute to keeping the weight light as well as provides needed stability.


  • Dual suspension for added comfort
  • Available in different alluring color options
  • Offers extended durability; can withstand any abuses
  • Comes with alloy double walled wheels for better stability
  • Super lightweight aluminum frame for easy maneuverability
  • Especially designed and made for the hard physic of men riders
  • Shimano Claris 16 speed derailleur provides enough gears for beginners


  • No size option; available only in one size
  • Requires professional help for total assembly

Even though this Schwinn Phocus 1600 Men’s Road Bike cannot be used in a competitive field, it still is one of the most popular road bikes because of its high-quality construction and comfort features. You will receive the full value of your money with this bicycle.

2. Giordano Libero Acciao - BEST OVERALL

Giordano Libero Acciao
  • Frame: High Tensile Steel Frame
  • Drivetrain: Shimano Tourney STI
  • Speed: 14 Speed
  • Brake: Alloy Side Pull Brakes
  • Manufacturer: Giordano
  • Available Colors: 3 colors

Like Men, Women also want to ride on a road bike for street commuting. Its better to have a road bike that is specifically designed for women comfort. We have listed Giordano Libero Acciao for this purpose.

The Libero Acciao Road Bike from Giordano is an amazing bicycle that any road bike lover would enjoy riding. Specially made for delicate physic of women, this quality, entry-level bicycle comes with a handful of amazing features and delivers some incredible performances.

Women’s Specific Strong Frame

Even though the Libero Acciao is an entry level women’s bicycle, Giordano didn’t compromise with the quality and therefore constructed the women’s specific frame of this bike with high tensile steel and intricate welding.

The steel makes the frame strong and sturdy and thus offers extended durability. You can ride on rough roads and this bike will still be intact and won’t let you down. Additionally, the lightweight of this road bicycle contributes in its comfort and easy maneuverability.

Furthermore, this frame features a women-specific upright geometry for a better fit and additional comfort while riding.

Easy Gearing System

The 14 speed Shimano Tourney gears and shifters of this Giordano Libero Acciao bike entirely integrated into the brake lever. This means that you have all your bike’s controls in one place for a more fuss-free riding experience.

Women favor this easy to use the gearing system because often women riders find it difficult to shuffle between gears to find the perfect one for the ride.

Dependable Braking Mechanism

A dependable braking system is a must for women’s bike to keep the petite women body safe and sound. Keeping this fact in mind, Giordano installed both front and rear side pull brakes in this Libero Acciao women’s bicycle.

These super strong brakes provide maximum stopping power and help the rider to come to a complete halt in a matter of seconds.


  • Attractive feminine design for ladies
  • Includes double tube water bottle mounts
  • Front and rear pull brakes for maximum safety
  • Women-specific geometry for a comfortable riding position
  • High tensile steel constructed frame is lightweight yet very sturdy
  • Comes in different size and color options to meet everyone’s needs
  • The Shimano Tourney 14 speed drivetrain provides the perfect gears for beginners


  • Needs to be assembled by professionals

Overall the Giordano Libero Acciao Road Bike is one the top rated road bikes for women under 500 bucks. This is a great buy if you don’t want to spend a lot yet look for several decent specifications. The features of this bike are no less than the features offered by any high-end bicycles. You won’t regret buying this beautiful road bicycle for yourself.

3. Vilano Diverse 3.0 - BEGINNER's CHOICE

Vilano Diverse 3.0
  • Frame: 6061 Aluminum Hybrid Frame
  • Drivetrain: Shimano
  • Speed: 8 Speed
  • Brake: Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • Manufacturer: Vilano
  • Available Colors: 1 color

Looking for a flat bar road bike that could meet all your everyday riding activities as well as provide you with some fun riding acrobatics? Look no more. The Diverse 4.0 flat bar Road Bike from Vilano is one perfect bike with many features and advantages that are not only perfect for every day commuting but also can be used for the tour around the city.

Amazing Frame; Great Build Quality

Frame quality is crucial because it holds the bike altogether. And that’s why Vilano made sure that the frame of the Diverse 4.0 is super strong and sturdy by constructing it with 6061 butted aluminum alloy and delicate welding. This combination not only makes the bike super strong and durable but also makes it extremely lightweight.

Lightweight is important because it contributes to the maneuverability of the cycle. The lighter the bike, the easier it is to move around and maneuver.

Shimano Components and Belt Drive

Even though the Diverse 4.0 is a relatively cheap model, Vilano didn’t fall back while installing high-end and revolutionary components to this bike. The Shimano 8 Speed drivetrain ensures that you have all the gears you need when riding and the belt drive ensures that the shifting between the gears is easy and smooth without any complications. One of the huge advantages of this drivetrain and belt combination is that it doesn’t require high maintenance.

Dependable Braking Mechanism

Vilano incorporated a pair of hydraulic disc brakes in this Diverse 4.0 so that it can provide the rider with plenty of stopping power on any riding conditions without the fear of causing any accidents. These brakes halt the bike from any speed level at once after the brake levers are pulled.


  • Strong, macho design for male riders
  • Low maintenance drive belt for added advantage
  • Available in different sizes for various sized riders
  • Includes Shimano hydraulic disc for the maximum amount of stopping power
  • Includes Mechanical disc brakes for maximum safety measures
  • Aluminum constructed Performance Hybrid Frame for durability and comfortability
  • The Shimano 8 Speed Alfine internally geared hub provides the right amount of speed


  • No kickstand or rack holder for extra convenience
  • Needs professional hands for full assembly and tuning

No matter how much you spend, if the bike is not able to satisfy your needs, then it’s a piece of junk. But with the Diverse 4.0 Flatbar Road Bike from Vilano you don’t have to face such situations. This performance-packed road bicycle is perfect in every sense and provides the best value for your money.

4. DiamondBack Haanjenn Tero - For Womens

DiamondBack Haanjenn Tero
  • Frame: Aluminum Frame
  • Drivetrain: Shimano
  • Speed: 16 Speed
  • Brake: Tektro Disc Brake
  • Manufacturer: Diamondback
  • Available Colors: 1 color

In 5th spot, Womens bike again. If you don’t like the upper one then you can consider this one for your daily riding.

Diamond Bicycles is known for manufacturing incredible quality bicycles for men, women and kids. The Haanjenn Tero All-Road Bike is no different from its other bicycles. The Haanjenn Tero is specially designed for women and offers a very comfortable riding geometry. The other features of this bike are also notable and praiseworthy.

Amazing Design, Incredible Build Quality

As it is a women’s bicycle, Diamondback made sure that the outlook of this Haanjenn Tero is impressive and it catches everyone’s attention. Aside from its amazing design, the build quality of this cycle is also praiseworthy. The super lightweight frame of this bike is constructed using fully butted aluminum alloy and careful welding to make it strong and sturdy.

Furthermore, this amazing frame features a women endurance geometry that ensures a comfortable riding position and feels easy on the delicate body of a woman.

Shimano Gearing Components

Considering the fact that the Haanjenn Tero is a women’s bicycle, Diamondback installed 16 Speed Shimano Claris drivetrain that delivers the exact amount of gears needed for everyday riding activities. Whether you ride through mellow pavement or a dirt road, you can always attain the required speed by changing between these gears.

Mechanical Disc Brakes

Safety is always a field of concern for women while buying a new bicycle. But with this Diamondback Haanjenn Tero, you don’t have to worry about safety measures because this bike comes fully loaded with mechanical disc brakes that provide plenty of stopping power to the rider and ensures maximum safety. You can stop the bike immediately even from high speed, just by holding the brake lever.


  • Attractive, feminine outlook
  • Arrives 85% pre-assembled for easy assembly
  • Comes in various sizes to accommodate different riders
  • Features endurance geometry for more comfortable riding
  • The fully butted aluminum alloy frame is strong and durable
  • Includes mechanical disc brakes for immense stopping ability
  • Women’s endurance geometry to ride all the day comfortably.


  • No color options; available only in one color
  • Professional help is recommended for full assembly and tuning

This Diamondback Haanjenn Tero All-Road Bike is meant for those Women’s who want a cycle for everyday riding activities as well as perform acrobatics. This performance-packed bike will never let you down and provide the best value for your money.

5. Diamondback Haanjo Trail - For Boys

Diamondback Haanjo Trail
  • Frame: Aluminum JR. Frame
  • Drivetrain: Shimano Claris
  • Speed: 16 Speed
  • Brake: Mechanical Disc Brakes
  • Manufacturer: Diamondback
  • Available Colors: 1 color

The Haanjo Trail 24 Alternative Road Bike from Diamondback is specially designed for young little boys to introduce them to the amazing world of cycling and who loves to ride on the road, on hard pack trails and gravel. The features of this bicycle match the requirements made by young boys perfectly.

Incredible Frame Quality

Kids bike needs to be comfortable as well as easy to move around. The Haanjo Trail 24 boy’s bike from Diamondback features a strong and sturdy junior frame that is constructed using supreme quality aluminum alloy and detailed welding. This durable frame can withstand abuses of rough riding and remain intact.

Moreover, the aluminum alloy along with the hydro-formed tubes helps to keep the overall weight of the bike low and enables the rider to ride comfortably. Added comfort comes from the upright sitting position that the frame offers to its rider.

Dependable, Stable Set of Wheels

For a more controlled and stable riding experience, this Diamondback Haanjo Trail 24 bike incorporates a pair of High profile 24 inches wheels. These wheels and the High-volume, semi-knobby Kenda tires provide excellent grip on any road surfaces and ensure less bumpy and impact free ride.

Super Brakes

The fact that this Haanjo Trail 24 is a kid’s bike means that it has excellent safety measures. The Tektro Mira mechanical disc brakes installed in the bike provides maximum stopping power to the rider and ensures that he can stop at once to refrain from any accidents.


  • You can add a rack at the back
  • Boys specific hard masculine design
  • High grip tires for the stable riding experience
  • The aluminum constructed junior frame is strong and durable
  • Provides incredible steering response and vibration absorption
  • Tektro mechanical disc brakes provide plenty of stopping power
  • Upright geometry ensures a dependable and comfortable riding position


  • No kickstand included
  • Available in only one color and one size

The Haanjo Trail 24 Alternative Road Bike from Diamondback might be the best thing you will buy for your young boy. This full of performance and amazing features road bike will not cut your pocket deep but still would manage to bring the smile on your little boy’s face. You can consider this bike as per college bike for students who love biking.

6. Giordano Libero 1.6 - For Mens

Giordano Libero 1.6
  • Frame: 6061 Aluminum frame
  • Drivetrain: Shimano Claris
  • Speed: 16 Speed
  • Brake: Alloy Side Pull Brakes
  • Manufacturer: Giordano
  • Available Colors: 3 colors

In the 2nd spot we have listed Giordano Libero 1.6 as the ALTERNATIVE of TOP PICK. You can consider this bike if you don’t like the first bike we placed on top.

The Libero 1.6 Men’s Road Bike from Giordano is one well designed, Italian inspired road bicycle that is handcrafted for maximum strength and possesses some fantastic features to satisfy your biking needs.

Amazing Build Quality

The frame of a bike is one of the main features to consider because it ties the bike altogether. A great frame is a sign of an amazing bicycle. Knowing this fact, Giordano 100% handcrafted the frame of this Libero 1.6 road bicycle with the high-quality aluminum alloy that is not only lightweight but also has good strength and sturdiness.

The 24 pounds of the bike contributes to keeping the weight low and ensures excellent comfort and maneuverability. A lightweight bike is easy to control and move around.

Moreover, the strength of this men’s bicycle is something to write about. It can endure the abuses of different type of roads and riding conditions and still be in one piece.

Wonderful Wheels and tires

To keep the overall weight more light, this Giordano Libero 1.6 men’s bicycle comes with a pair of lightweight aluminum 700C wheels. These wheels have 700cx25c high profile tires and feature 32 Spoke High Profile Quick Release Alloy Rims. This combination of wheels, tires and rims helps to move the bike faster than usual and also reduces shocks and impacts of the road.

Various Size Options

One of the attractions of this Giordano Libero 1.6 men’s bike is that it comes in several different sizes to accommodate a wide variety of riders; from short to tall, no matter what is your height, you will surely find your size of this men’s bicycle.

The price of this road bicycle depends on the size you choose.


  • Extremely lightweight yet super strong
  • Different Size and color options available
  • Italian inspired, attractive masculine design
  • Relatively inexpensive; very much budget- friendly price tag
  • Comes with dual water bottle mount for added convenience
  • Shimano Claris STI Shifters shuffles between gear effortlessly
  • Shimano 16 speed Derailleur provides enough gears for required velocity


  • Cheap quality pedal; better to replace with quality one.

This Giordano Libero 1.6 road bike is a great bicycle to meet your day to day riding expectations. Moreover, you can take this entry level cycle for light hill ridings. With its price point, it can be guaranteed that you won’t be a loser after purchasing this.

7. Giordano Libero - For Girls

Giordano Libero
  • Frame: Aluminum Frame
  • Drivetrain: Shimano STI
  • Speed: 16 Speed
  • Brake: Alloy Side Pull Brakes
  • Manufacturer: Giordano
  • Available Colors: 1 color

In the lucky 7th spot, Like Boys, Girls also love to biking around or commuting in the street. That’s why we have added this Giordano Girls Libero in this list of inexpensive road bike for under $500

Giordano not only manufactures tough bikes for men and women, but it also makes impressive bikes for growing kids to start their biking journey with. The Girls Libero 1.6 Road Bike is one such bicycle that was specially designed for little girls with a height of 4 feet to 4 feet 8 inches and has some cool features to help the precious kid to learn bike riding easily.

Amazingly Designed, Lightweight Bike

The Giordano Libero 1.6 is meant for little girls and that’s why its outlook matters. Considering this fact, Giordano designed this cycle carefully and added wonderful color to it which will attract the gaze of a young girl instantly.

Besides its excellent design, Giordano also tried to make the bicycle as lightweight as possible by installing a fully handcrafted aluminum alloy frame with replaceable derailleur hanger. This frame is super lightweight yet extremely strong. Moreover, this lightweight frame adds to the comfort level of the bike.

Super Gearing Mechanism

As this is a Youth road bike, the Giordano Libero 1.6 comes with 16 Speed Shimano derailleurs that provide more than enough gears for a little girl. Also, such wider range of gears will help kids to become accustomed to gears, speed and gear changing without facing many difficulties.

Additionally, the STI shifters also from Shimano make shifting between gears easy and swift. And as the gears and shifter are integrated with the brake lever, your precious kid will have all the controls in one place and find it more effortless to ride this bike.

Reliable Braking System

Safety measures are one important aspect people look for when buying bicycle for growing kids, And that’s why Giordano incorporates the maximum safety measures to this cycle through the brakes. The front and rear pull brakes of this cycle provide immense stopping power on any conditions and help to avoid any accidents.


  • Provides super comfort and stability
  • Dependable set of wheels for smooth riding
  • Beautiful, charming design for young little girls
  • Available in alluring colors befitting for a young girl
  • Includes water bottle mount place for added usefulness
  • The 16 speed Shimano drivetrain ensures the right amount of gears for little girls


  • No size option; available only in one size
  • Not so comfortable seat post; needs to be replaced immediately

There is no price tag for your kid’s happiness. But this Libero 1.6 is a budget-friendly bike for girl’s and you can purchase it easily. With its features and performance, this bike will be one of your best purchases for your precious little girl.

8. Vilano Shadow 2.0 - Unisex Bike

Vilano Shadow 2.0
  • Frame: Aluminum Aero Frame
  • Drivetrain: Shimano STI
  • Speed: 14 Speed
  • Brake: Dual Pivot Alloy Caliper
  • Manufacturer: Vilano
  • Available Colors: 1 color

Choosing the correct bicycle is important for an enjoyable biking and comfort issues. And the Shadow 2.0 Road Bike from Vilano provides these and even more at a very budget-friendly price range. This entry level road bike is meant for light training for athletes, heavy road ridings and can be even used for light city commuting. Choose any role for this Shadow 2.0 and it won’t fail to surprise you with its money-worthy features.

Ultra-lightweight frame construction

The most prominent feature of this Vilano Shadow 2.0 bicycle is that it’s incredibly lightweight. The makers constructed its Aero frame with Double Butted Aluminum alloy which is often used in high-end road bike brands. Vilano tried to deliver its riders the best at an affordable price tag.

Having said that, this Ultra-lightweight frame is super easy to control and provides one of the most comfortable rides you have ever experienced. And even though this frame is extremely lightweight, it doesn’t mean that it is not strong. The bike is super sturdy and can withstand the abuses extensive riding.

Speed and STI Integrated Shifters

As this Shadow 2.0 from Vilano is an entry level bike, it comes with 14-speed gears which are just enough amount of speed a beginner level rider needs, but this speed range can be upgraded easily whenever needed. Moreover, the STI Integrated Shifters of this road bike make sure that the rider can shift between gear easily and precisely to enjoy a more fast riding.

Additionally, the STI Integrated Brake Lever offers a completely controlled braking system at your fingertips and allows you to stop the bike anytime for better safety.


  • Easy assembly process
  • Modern, stylish design; great for athletic riders
  • Robust and sturdy body ensures long-lasting durability
  • Shimano STI Integrated shifters provide precise gear shifting
  • Available in different sizes to accommodate different types of riders
  • The 700c Doubled Walled wheels assure stable and comfortable ride


  • Cheap quality pedals; better to replace.

This Vilano Shadow 2.0 Road Bike is a well-constructed bicycle that is full of amazing features and great performances. You won’t regret the amount of money you spent after riding this bicycle just for a few times.

9. Poseidon ‘TRITON’ - Lightweight Bike

Poseidon ‘TRITON’
  • Frame: Aluminum Frame
  • Drivetrain: Shimano Claris
  • Speed: 16 Speed
  • Brake: Dual Pivot Alloy Caliper
  • Manufacturer: Poseidon
  • Available Colors: 2 colors

The ‘TRITON’ is the flagship road bike from Poseidon that is not only sleek and good looking but at the same time is full of amazing features and great performances. This road bike is an upgraded version of its predecessor the Sport 4.0 and was built keeping in mind about the needs of riders.

Strong, Sturdy Construction

Poseidon constructed the frame of its ‘TRITON’ Road Bike using supreme quality aluminum alloy and Poseidon Smooth Welding to make it as lightweight as possible. Moreover, to shed more of its weight, the manufacturers added a Carbon Fiber Fork to the frame. Lightweight is necessary because it is comfortable and easy to maneuver and at the same time it absorbs road vibrations effortlessly. Additionally, a lightweight bicycle is easy to lift up and move around.

Even though the bike is extremely lightweight, it is very strong and sturdy. It can withstand any road abuses and hence can be considered as extremely durable.

Shimano Components

As this road bike is a bit in the expensive side, Poseidon didn’t spare any cost to install high-end components to this bicycle to make it even more performance packed. The Shimano Claris 16 speed STI Shifters and Derailleurs are the perfect gearing combo on different types of roads and even climb steep mountain roads.

Moreover, the 16-speed gear provides the right amount of speed you require for smooth riding. And the shifting between the gears is also fast and precise; all thanks to the Shimano STI shifters.

Reliable Braking Mechanism

A great braking mechanism is essential for the safety of both the rider and the bike itself. And therefore, Poseidon incorporated Dual Pivot Brake Calipers that gives you the immense amount of stopping power you need to keep yourself safe and sound in any riding conditions. Whether you go downhill or you ride in the plain city roads, this braking mechanism will never fail to protect you.


  • Comes with high-end components
  • Very much cool outlook; stylish for all
  • Comes in different exclusive color combinations
  • Provides upright geometry for the smoother ride
  • Strong and sturdy; can lift up your weight effortlessly
  • The Dual Pivot Brake Calipers provides super stopping power
  • Aluminum constructed Poseidon Smooth Weld Frame ensures durability


  • Need processional assembly.
  • Need to use bike lube to stop noise by chain

This Poseidon ‘TRITON’ Road Bike is a medium priced bicycle for the beginner level rider with a killer design and wonderful performances. You won’t regret purchasing this bike because it delivers what it has promised and made sure you receive the value of your money by its great features and performances.

10. Nashbar AL1 - Unisex Bike

Nashbar AL1
  • Frame: Aluminum Frame
  • Drivetrain: Shimano Sora
  • Speed: 9 Speed
  • Brake: Dual Pivot Alloy Caliper
  • Manufacturer: Nashbar
  • Available Colors: 1 color

The last bike in this list from Nashbar. This bikes manufactured with some high-quality components like SORA drivetrain

The AL1 Sora Road Bike from Nashbar is a great contender in this mid-budget road bike list. You can use this unisex road bike for all your day to day riding activities as well as take it for light mountain riding. In either avatar, this road bicycle won’t fail to impress you.

Incredible Build Quality, Lightweight Frame

The build quality is something notable about this AL1 Sora Road Bike. Nashbar used double-butted aluminum alloy to construct the frame of this bike. Aluminum alloy not only makes the frame lightweight but at the same time ensures sturdiness and durability.

Manufacturers try to keep the weight as light as possible because lightweight bikes are comfortable to ride on and offer extreme maneuverability.

Moreover, the sturdiness of the frame ensures extended longevity so that you can ride the bike for years to come without the fear of damaging the cycle.

Wide Gear Range

The wide range of gears is a sign of an excellent and speedy bicycle. And therefore, Nashbar incorporated 27 Speed Shimano Sora drivetrain in this AL1 bicycle to provide the rider with a wide range of gears and speed options. With its drivetrain, you will never fell short of gears and required speed on any roads and terrains.

Moreover, to shuffle between such range of gears, this bike comes with a Shimano R3000 shifter that changes gears smoothly and effortlessly.

Strong, Reliable Braking System

When you have such a high-speed option, a robust and reliable braking mechanism is a must to keep you safe and sound. Considering this fact, Nashbar installed advanced dual-pivot brake system to this road bike that will stop the bike immediately on any road conditions and help you to escape any unfortunate events.


  • Stunning design; responsive bike
  • Incorporates dual pivot brakes for better safety
  • Offers comfortable riding position for the long journey
  • The Carbon fiber fork makes sure of responsive handling
  • The 27-speed Shimano Sora drivetrain provides a wide range of gears
  • Lightweight aluminum constructed frame ensures easy maneuverability


  • The handle grips loosen quickly
  • Only one size & color. No option

Aside from its very few negative points, the Nashbar AL1 Sora Road Bike is an excellent bike with lots of amazing features and full of incredible performances. You can consider this road bicycle as per the best value road bike that worth every penny.

Happy Pedaling!

Editors Pick

Schwinn Phocus 1600

Schwinn 1600

Best Overall

Vilano Diverse 3.0

Giordano Acciao

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