Merax Finiss Road Bike Reviewed

Merax Finiss Road Bike Reviewed

Are you interested in a fast, durable, and fantastic looking road bike for under $300? If so, you’ll be very interested in the Merax Finiss road bike.

Don’t let its low-price trick you into thinking that it’s of low quality. It has been constructed with solid aluminium materials that ensure the bike will last you for years. Although, it still manages to remain incredibly lightweight to help you hit those faster speeds too.

Searching for road bikes can be tough. There are so many on the market that narrowing down the ones you’re interested in is difficult. That’s why we’ve put together this review of the Merax Finiss 21 speed road bike. If you are keen to learn more about its features and what it can offer you as a cyclist, take a look below.

Summary of Merax Finiss Aluminum 21 Speed Bike

Frame Size

52 CM

Frame Material

Aluminum frame

Bike Type

Road Bike


21 speed


Aluminum Caliper





Affordable, Lightweight, Aerodynamic Design, Shimano Drivetrain, Pannier bag free


Cheap pedals


Entry Level Road Bike at Affordable Price for Racing


What Merax Finiss Road Bike Offers to the Riders

Reliable Speed & Gears

Merax Finiss Gearing

One of the main aspects that people consider before purchasing a road bike is speed and the availability of gears. Both of those things are not lacking with this Merax Finiss bike.

This bike comes with a high-quality Shimano shifter that gives you the ability to choose between a total of 21 different speeds. The derailleur is also of a high-quality and can withstand various road conditions.

You can simply use your thumbs to switch gears with an incredible amount of smoothness and responsiveness. So, you can be sure to select the best speed for all kinds of riding conditions.

Moreover, the aerodynamic design of this bike is a fantastic added feature. It works to enhance the overall speeds of the bike.

The combination of the aerodynamic design, number of gears, and shifter are what make this bike excellent for casual road bikers, as well as people who want to participate in races.

Quality Wheels

The speed and gears are only part of the equation when it comes to the overall quality of a bike. One of the other main components are the tires.

This bike is equipped with Kenda 700 x 28c tires. These tires have aluminium rims inside them which work to boost their overall durability and performance.

We also found that these rims and tires ensure that you’re able to cover more ground, faster. Not to mention, they’re even very strong and add to the durability of the bike.

Great Control

Merax Finiss Control Power

When it comes to road biking, it’s common to encounter various hills and windy roads. Therefore, you need to have the assurance that you can respond to the sudden changes in your path with ease.

Therefore, being able to use your strength and body weight to shift the bike in any direction is crucial. Merax understands how important the reaction times can be for road bikers, which is why they purposefully designed the frame to be lightweight.

In total, this bike weighs around 28 lbs. While this isn’t necessarily considered to be incredibly light, it’s still a fantastic weight that allows you to easily manoeuvre the bike with no hassle.

The aluminium materials are what enables the manufacturers to keep the bike at a low weight, while also keeping the strength high.

Kickstand Added

One feature that we notice isn’t available with many road bikes is a kickstand. It’s a simple piece of equipment that can make a huge difference to your riding experience.

Many road bikers love going on longer rides and stopping over to take in some scenery or have a break. With most bikes, you have to leave them on the floor or lean them against something.

This increases the chances of the bike being damaged or the framework being scratched.

So, we appreciated how the Merax Finiss comes with an easy-to-use kickstand.

Wonderful Design

Merax Finiss Looks

How does this bike look to ride?

For such an affordable bike, it’s not common to expect much from the design aspect. However, the Finiss has a very sleek design that has a fantastic aesthetic appeal to it.

There are various colours available to choose from too. Therefore, you’re able to select the one that suits you best. These colours include the following:

  • Yellow and grey
  • Green and black
  • Read and white


As we’ve mentioned, the overall durability of this bike is impressive.

The way that they’ve managed to create such a durable and long-lasting bike is by using aluminium materials. The rims, frame, seat post, and kickstand utilize aluminium in their construction.

However, the fork has been made using steel materials. This has proven to be just as effective at withstanding damage from longer and faster rides.

Affordable Price

The unbelievably affordable price is one of the biggest surprises that we came across while reviewing this road bike. The Merax Finiss is available at under $300.

Therefore, road bikers can feel confident in knowing that they’re getting a fantastic bargain with this one. When you consider the sheer amount of beneficial features that this bike comes with, it becomes clear that they wanted to make a great bike for people on tighter budgets.

And they’ve succeeded.

Who Is This Bike Designed for?

  • People who are on a budget will appreciate how affordable this bike is
  • Many people who compete in races would find this bike to suit them well
  • Both men and women can enjoy riding this bike
  • It’s a fantastic entry-level bike for newbies into the road biking world
  • Those who want a bike that’s easy to maintain will be happy

7 Reasons to Buy Merax Finiss Aluminium Road Bike

  • Very affordable price
  • The overall design is very sleek
  • There is a total of 21 gears to choose from
  • Aluminium & steel materials for durability
  • The weight capacity of 300 lbs is impressive
  • You’re able to use responsive Shimano shifters
  • Comes with a pannier bag for free when you ordered
  • Lightweight design makes it awesome for road biking
  • Numerous colours available to pick the one that’s best for you
  • The built-in kickstand lets you keep your bike upright when you’re not around

Merax Finiss Features at A Glance

  • There’s a threadless 700c fork made with steel materials
  • Aluminium frame hence both lightweight and strong
  • You get a rear Shimano RD-TZ50 derailleur
  • The front derailleur is a Shimano TZ-31
  • You’re able to use Shimano SA050 shifters
  • The brakes use an aluminium calliper system
  • You get to ride on Kenda 700x28c tires
  • The rims within the tires are made with aluminium
  • Aluminium materials have also been used to make the seat post
  • A kickstand is equipped to the bike that’s constructed out of aluminium
  • You receive a pannier bag with your order for free

Merax Road Bikes Assembly

Frequently Asked Question and Answers

Question: Is there a quick release feature for the tires?

Answer: Yes, but only for the front tire.

Question: What’s the maximum weight capacity?

Answer: This bike can safely support up to 300 lbs.

Question: What brand is used for the inner tubes?

Answer: Merax has implemented Presta Valves on the inner tubes

Question: How big are the pedals?

Answer: They are 3 x 4” in size. But the included reflectors are another ¼.”

Question: Can the stem for the handlebar be raised?

Answer: Yes, you can increase the height by 2″ of the handlebar/stem.

Buying Advice

If you purchase the MeraxFiniss, it’s a good idea to be aware of the fact that it’s delivered to you partly assembled.

How much work will you have to put in?

This bike is delivered to you around 80% pre-assembled. Therefore, you do not have to put it together from scratch.

People who have had experience when it comes to building bikes will have no problems with this one. All the parts and instructions you need are included.

However, people who have had less experience with the mechanical side of bikes may find that it takes them longer to assemble it.

Having said that, if you don’t feel confident in assembling the bike yourself, you can always take it over to a local bike shop. They will assemble the bike for you. Moreover, they’ll know how to tune it correctly.

Tuning this bike before using it is vital. It lets you get the most out of your riding experience by ensuring that all the parts are functioning to a high standard

Wrapping Up

Now, you’re armed with all the information you need to know surrounding the Merax Finiss road bike.

It’s 21-gears, durable and lightweight frame, and aesthetic appeal make this a very impressive bike. However, the part that brings it all together is the incredibly affordable price that it’s available at.

You can experience all of the aforementioned riding features for under 300 bucks.

Hopefully, we’ve provided valuable insights into this bike. Consider all of the features, pros, and cons that you’ve learned from this review to help you decide whether this bike is right for you.

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Merax Finiss

Merax Finiss


Road Bike


Aluminum frame


21 speed


Aluminum Caliper


Shimano Shifter





Item Weight

28 lbs

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