Raleigh Bikes Grand Sport Road Bike

Raleigh Grand Sport Road Bike Review

Do you like long weekend rides? Or how about some serious exercise? Raleigh Grand Sport is a versatile bike that will serve you on many occasions.

Made of Chromoly, Its sleek design is distinct, and the geometry makes the bike a sturdy performer on city streets as well as unpaved roads.

Summary of Raleigh Bikes Grand Sport

Frame Size

52 CM / 54 CM / 56 CM / 58 CM / 60 CM / 62 CM

Frame Material

4130 Chromoly

Bike Type

Road Bike


16 Speeds


Promax Long-Reach Dual Pivot


Shimano Claris



Classic Design, Affordable price tag, Shimano components


Need to change saddle


Great road bike for commuting & tackling hills


What Features Does Raleigh Grand Sport Offers to the Rider?

Quality Components

Why would you choose Raleigh over other brands? The answer is simple; you are looking to get the value for money. With that said, Grand Sport doesn’t disappoint its customers as well.

The bike is fitted with Shimano group components to give an inimitable performance. Not to mention, you won’t find such quality components on any similarly priced bikes out there.

The Shimano Claris drivetrain do a great job providing efficiency and comfort. Be it on countryside roads or city streets; the bike gets over the obstacles with ease. It’s safe to say that Grand Sport is worth the money you pay for, the bike is a solid performer.

Build Quality

Raleigh Bikes Grand Sport

Looking for a reliable and robust bike? This bike might be the most affordable road bike you could find. Fitted with 4130 Chromoly frame, the bike is super durable, and the steel protects the bike from any corrosion.

Hence, the build material itself provides added benefits to the ride. On top of that, the added weight of steel frame provides enhanced stability, and it absorbs the vibrations from the road.

The steel frame coupled with custom alloy SPF road fork is designed to give you a hassle-free ride on cross-country tours.


Raleigh Grand Sport - Tires

Have you purchased any bikes in the past? If so, were you content with the quality of tires that comes with it? In most cases, the experience wouldn’t be so pleasant.

It’s a part where most manufacturers compromise on. They fit poor quality tires to keep the price low, and we pay the price for it.

However, this bike won’t give you such concerns. The bike is equipped with Clement Strada LGG 60TPI tires for better grip and durability.

Clement tires provide greater traction while zipping through the city streets or cruising down the countryside. The tires are of exceptional quality, and it gives you the confidence to ride on any terrains.


Raleigh Grand Sport - Speed

Well, a road bike must deliver great performance and speed. At the same time, achieving the desired speed depends upon quality and components of the bike. So, how well the bike holds up when it comes to performance?

Equipped with Shimano 16-speed drivetrain, the bike gives plenty of gearing options to ride at any desired speeds.

Also, the drivetrain coupled with Shimano Claris STI shifters enables easy and smooth access to the gears. Because the same brand makes the components, they work well together while delivering a trouble-free ride.


Raleigh Grand Sport - Handlebar

Troubled with fatiguing your body each time? Well, maintaining a good body posture can relieve the stress on your body.

Now, how do you maintain a good body posture? The first step begins with finding a suitable bike. The size of the bike should fit your height and weight to give you enhanced riding comforts.

Plus, the handlebar plays an important role as well. The bike comes with Alloy road handlebar with a short drop. This gives you the perfect reach in any riding positions.

For example, the short drop bars allow you to lean down and maintain a comfortable body posture on long tours.

Truly Affordable

As mentioned earlier, The bike comes under resoanable price tag. That makes the bike a good choice for training as well as exercise.

However, don’t expect the bike to be cheap, it’s loaded with features to give you a truly amazing biking experience.

With that said, Grand Sport can take on city streets and unpaved road with ease. The custom alloy SPF road fork is very efficient in absorbing abuses.

It reduces any vibrations and delivers the comfort on higher end bike. Therefore, this bike is stable performance bike at a fair price.

Extra Features

Let’s wind up with some extra features and benefits. Talking about extra features, the bike comes with additional rack and fender mounts.

This will come handy if you’re trying to add some extra accessories. Also, the Raleigh Classic Road Saddle adds a great look and feel to the bike.

Who Is This Bike Designed for?

  • With an affordable price tag, It is an excellent choice for beginners and regular commuters.
  • The bike is an affordable replacement for aluminium frame bikes. Therefore, it’s a great choice to riders who look for an upgrade.
  • Equipped with quality components, offers greater efficiency and comfort to the rider.
  • The bike comes in six different sizes and is suitable for riders with any heights.
  • Raleigh bikes are known for producing durable machines, and this bike is designed to meet the Raleigh standards.

9 Reasons to Buy Raleigh Bikes Grand Sport

  • The bike is available in six different sizes.
  • The bike comes with a sleek and elegant design.
  • Promax dual pivot brakes offers great stopping power
  • Available in an affordable price tag with great features.
  • 16 speed available with STI shifter to change gear smoothly
  • The bike has Clement Strada tires for better grip and speed.
  • Chromoly road frame provides higher strength and durability.
  • The bike comes fitted with Shimano components for better performance.
  • Raleigh bike offers excellent customer service through online whenever a problem arises.

Grand Sport Features at a Glance

  • The bike comes with 4130 Chromoly frame with a tapered head tube.
  • Comes with custom alloy SPF road fork to absorb the vibrations.
  • Fitted with Shimano Claris front and rear derailleurs.
  • The bike has Shimano Octa link bottom bracket.
  • Comes with 16-speed Shimano Claris drivetrain.
  • The bike has quick release front and back hubs.
  • Equipped with Shimano Claris Compact Cranks.
  • Grand Sports include double wall alloy rims.
  • Comes with Clement Strada tires for better traction.
  • The bike features Rack and fender mounts.
  • Comes fitted with Promax Long-reach dual pivot brakes.
  • Has Shimano Claris STI brake levers for easier access.
  • The bike features alloy micro-adjustable seat post.
  • Comes with durable alloy pedals.
  • Fitted with polished and short drop handlebars for better handling.
  • The headset had sealed cartridge bearings.

Now, looking at the benefits, the plus about this bike comes with the brand name. Raleigh offers outstanding service to their customers whenever they need help. You can ask queries through their website, and they will aid you throughout your trouble.

You won’t get such reliable customer service with any other brands. Hence, we can say, Raleigh doesn’t leave its customers after they make the purchase.

Raleigh Bikes Grand Sport Assembly

Frequently Asked Question and Answers

Question: What brake does Raleigh use on this bike?

Answer: Grand Sport comes fitted with Promax Long Reach Dual Pivot Brakes. The bike also features Shimano Claris STI brake levers for easier access to the brakes.

Question: Is it possible to add extra fittings to the bike?

Answer: Yes, the bike comes with rack and fender mounts to add extra fittings.

Question: Which tire do they use on?

Answer: The bike is equipped with Clement Strada tires for better grip and control.

Question: Is the bike suitable for cross-country tours?

Answer: Yes, fitted with quality components from Shimano Claris, the bike is a perfect choice for cross-country rides.

Question: Is the bike suitable for taller people?

Answer: Yes, the bike is available in six different sizes, and the steel frame makes the bike suitable for taller and heavier individuals.

Buying Advice

The bike is equipped with quality components and hence performs better than any of its competitors. It includes Shimano Claris groupset that you can find on higher end bikes.

However, the only negative remark comes with the brakes. The bike doesn’t feature disc brakes, though, it’d be a bit ardent if you ask for disc brakes at this price range.

Wrapping Up

If you’re looking for a bike that can handle commutes and fitness exercises, the Grand Sport is an excellent choice as your first road bike.

With reasonable price tag, this surely is the best choice under this price category. The bike is loaded with some great features to aid you on long tours.

For example, Fitted with Shimano Claris components that are used on higher end bikes. They deliver high performance and improves the whole quality of the ride.

If you’re okay without a disc brake and want to feel the quality of an inexpensive ride, Grand Sport is worth a look.

Raleigh Bikes Grand Sport

Raleigh Grand Sport Road Bike


Road Bike


4130 Chromoly




Promax Dual Pivot


Shimano STI Shifter


Shimano Claris



Item Weight

23.8 Pounds

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