Raleigh Bikes Merit 1 Endurance Road Bike Review

Raleigh Merit 1 Endurance Road Bike Review

The quest for finding the best road bike ends with Raleigh most of the times. The name has been the first choice for biking enthusiasts since many years.

With that said, if you’re looking for an entry-level endurance road bike, the Raleigh Merit 1 will render your expectations with an reasonable price tag.

Summary of Raleigh Bikes Merit 1

Frame Size

52 CM / 54 CM / 56 CM / 58 CM / 60 CM / 62 CM

Frame Material

6061 Aluminum frame

Bike Type

Road Bike


16 Speeds


Tektro Dual Pivot


Shimano Claris



Lightweight, Wheelset, STI shifter, Geometry, Price tag, 85% Assembled


Cheap pedals, Need better seat


Great starter road bike for anyone wanting to get into cycling


What Features Does Raleigh Merit 1 Offers to the Rider?


Want to join a group ride? Or need a bike for the commute? The Merit 1 by Raleigh is the one of the best value road bike for regular ride.

You’re getting a reliable machine to stroll on any terrains with all the comfort a road bike can offer. The bike will take you farther than ever before without having to spend the money on its components.

The aluminium frame, alloy fork, Shimano Components, they all contribute to delivering exceptional performance and reliability. Merit 1 can accompany you on almost any terrains with its robust frame geometry. You can bet on its performance without a doubt.


Raleigh Tires

Well, even a wide and knobby tire won’t last long if its poorly made. Yet, most bikes in the market come fitted with such tires to keep their price under check.

They might give the grip you need, however, it’s no surprise why they won’t last for too long. Your bike needs tires that offer grip, traction, and durability.

If you don’t want to spend an extra penny on upgrading the tires, Merit 1 is worth a look. The bike comes fitted with Kenda Kwick Roller Sport tires to give a long-lasting performance.

The tires provide good traction and control, and they aid to stroll at maximum speeds without the tires slowing you down.

Frame Construction

Raleigh Frame

What’s your thought on a bikes manoeuvrability? I prefer lightweight bikes which offer better handling. They are easier to control, and the lightweight frame makes the bike a better performer on cross-country tours.

In fact, the lesser the weight, the better the riding comfort. This bike comes with 6061 double-butted aluminium frame to ease your way through any roads.

They are sturdy, durable, and is immune to corrosion while giving you a reliable biking experience. Hence, the frame they use on this road bike is built to last and offer superior durability.


Raleigh Drivetrain

Let’s take up the speed and gear shifting, something that bikers look forward to. When considering this particular feature, we should also look at the bike’s components. Quality of the components adds to offering better speed and smooth riding.

Merit 1 surely doesn’t disappoint when it comes to finding suitable speeds. Equipped with Shimano Claris components and 8-speed Shimano STI shifters, the bike offers plenty of gears to get over pretty much anything.

Therefore, the bike surely won’t hamper its customers when it comes to performance.

Looks and Design

Raleigh Looks

We always look for the best, while buying clothes, gadgets, or even a bike, we need the one with great looks and appeal.

This bike has a solid look to catch anyone’s eye, the frame design and dark shades will surely make anyone look twice at this excellent machine.

Also, the components give the bike a premium feel. The seat post, frame, handlebars, and tires, they all contribute to delivering a striking look.

At this price range, the bike looks like an expensive ride, and it is hard to differentiate the bike from its higher-end cousins.

Size & Weight

The bikes aren’t designed to suit for everyone. The size and weight of the bike matter a great deal when it comes to offering riding comforts.

Finding a suitable bike for your height will help you handle it with much more confidence. The bike is available in six sizes, and you’ll be able to find a bike that fits your height.

Added to that, made of aluminium, the bike is also lightweight. The lightweight frame will help you manoeuvre the bike precisely and in control at all times. With all the components, the bike weighs about 23 lbs.


What does extra features the bike has to offer? Well, at this price range, it’s fair to say that we get all the essential features we need.

Apart from what we have mentioned, the bike comes with Raleigh All-Condition tape to provide better grip while handling the bike. The tape is quite impressive in any weather conditions and is a great addition to the this bike.

Also, the bike features stainless steel spokes, Weinmann rims, and KMC Z82 chain that are worth mentioning. Overall, you’ll find that the bike is fitted with great components to replicate a top performance bike.

With that said, the bike is not at all a cheap replica of higher-end models; Merit 1 surely packs the punch.

Who Is This Bike Designed for?

  • With better handling capabilities, the bike is an excellent choice for seasoned roadies as well as beginners.
  • The components make the bike superior to other bikes in the same price range. Hence, it’s a good choice to those who look for value.
  • The affordable price tag makes this bike logical buy without having to break the bank.
  • The bike comes in six different sizes and is suitable for riders with any heights.
  • Equipped with Shimano Claris shifters, Kenda tires, and Weinmann rims, the bike offers great quality for biking enthusiasts.
  • Available in six sizes which is suitable for individuals with the heights of 5 feet 5 inch to 6 feet 5 inch.

7 Reasons to Buy Merit Road Bike

  • Great endurance bike with an affordable price.
  • Comes with Weinmann rims for greater durability.
  • 85% assembled hence easy to assemble the rest parts
  • The frame geometry and design give a solid look to the bike.
  • Includes bigger Kenda tires for improved traction and control.
  • The aluminium frame makes the bike lightweight and easy to handle.
  • 16 speed Shimano Claris drivetrain with STI shifter to change gear smoothly

Raleigh Merit Features at A Glance

  • Frame is made of AL-6061 double butted aluminum.
  • The bike has custom alloy road fork to improve comfortability.
  • Features Shimano Claris front and rear derailleurs.
  • Comes fitted with 16-speed Shimano Claris shifters.
  • The bike has Shimano cogset to cover speed
  • Comes with Formula alloy rear and front hub.
  • Spokes are made of stainless steel.
  • Features durable Weinmann GMax Double Wall rims.
  • Comes equipped with Raleigh Comfort Road seat.
  • Has Raleigh 100 Series Road handlebars for improved handling.
  • Comes with rack and fender mounts.
  • The bike has 3D forged Raleigh stem.
  • Seat post is made of alloy and is micro-adjustable.
  • Equipped with Shimano Claris STI shifters.
  • The bike is lightweight with 22.62 lbs weight.

Raleigh Bikes Assembly

Frequently Asked Question and Answers

Question: Does the bike comes with pedals?

Answer: Yes, the bike comes with Test Ride pedals. They are essential and might need an upgrade for better quality.

Question: Is it possible to assemble the bike without professional help?

Answer: Yes, the bike comes partially assembled and will take only 30-120 minutes depending on your skill level.

Question: What’s the maximum weight the bike can hold?

Answer: The frame is built to hold weights up to 300 lbs, and the tires have a limit of 250lbs.

Question: What kind of fork does the bike use?

Answer: This bike features Alloy Road Fork. The fork is basic, yet, offers excellent resistance against vibrations.

Question: What’s the smallest size and weight available?

Answer: The bike weighs about 22.6 lbs, and the small size is suitable for riders with 5 feet 4-inch height.

Buying Advice

A perfect buy as an entry-level endurance road bike. However, as you make the purchase online, You will received 85% assembled when delivered.

The only inconvenience comes with the pedals and seat. They are pretty basic and has to be swapped out to improve the overall performance.

Wrapping Up

Raleigh Merit 1 is one the best endurance road bike available at a low rate. The bike features quality fittings such as Shimano shifters, Kenda tires, and Weinmann rims.

When it comes to overall riding experience, not many bikes can compete with Merit 1. Though, the bike does omit some features to keep the price low.

For example, the bike doesn’t feature a disc brake, the dual pivot braking system isn’t the best available in the market.

However, you won’t notice the lack of disc brakes as the bike replaces it with an efficient alternative. I’d say it’s a great buy if you’re under a budget.

Raleigh Bikes Merit 1

Raleigh Merit 1


Road Bike


6061 Aluminum




Tektro Dual Pivot


Shimano STI Shifter


Shimano Claris



Item Weight

22.62 lbs

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