Raleigh Bikes Tamland 2 Road Bike Review

Raleigh Tamland 2 Road Bike Review

Raleigh, a well-reputed name with years of experience in bike manufacturing. When it comes to quality and value, many brands will not come closer to Raleigh bikes.

Stretches of gravels, steep climbs, or rough pavements, the bike will get over any obstacles with ease. Equipped with a carbon fibre fork, the Raleigh Tamland 2 is one of the best road bike for pro biker.

Summary of Raleigh Bikes Tamland 2

Frame Size

52 CM / 54 CM / 56 CM / 58 CM / 60 CM / 62 CM

Frame Material

Reynolds 631 Chromoly Custom Butted

Bike Type

Road Bike


11 Speeds


TRP spyre mechanical disc brakes


SRAM Rival



Classic Design, Lightweight, Carbon fork, 85% assembled


Saddle need to change


Best designed road bike for gravel riding, racing.


What Features Does Raleigh Tamland 2 Offers to the Rider?


When it comes to delivering a hassle-free riding experience, not many bikes can replicate the feel that Tamland 2 provides.

Built with proper geometry to enhance your confidence, the design makes the bike a versatile travelling companion on any terrains. Be it on city roads, dirt, or loose gravel, this bike will take you anywhere most bikes cant.

Equipped with Carbon Adventure Road Fork, the bike can withstand abuses while giving you a stable ride. The carbon fork does a great job soaking up all the vibrations.

Also, the classic Chromoly Custom Butted adds excellent flexibility to the ride as of a higher end commuter bike.

Frame Construction

Raleigh Frame Construction

Are you looking to switch from an aluminium bike? Then Tamland is the best choice out there. The bike is made of Reynolds 631 Chromoly frame which makes it sturdy and durable when compared to aluminium bikes.

The steel frame will enable you to tackle any harsh conditions while you remain confident over the ride.

On top of that, the properties of steel deliver specific benefits as well. Although the bike has added weight to its steel frame, this bike provides unmatched riding quality. On gravel riding, the frame absorbs the vibration so well giving you a quiet ride.

Classic Design

What makes the bike so different? If you look at Tamland 2 design, you’ll notice that the design isn’t familiar.

Instead of adding all those curves and bends on the frame, Raleigh sticks to its classic style. Although Raleigh isn’t following the modern design, they don’t compromise on the quality either.

Moreover, they got history, and they stay true to it. Raleigh Tamland follows a traditional design in favour of the rider and the bike don’t disappoint.

The classic steel frame design is perfect for a touring lifestyle and is an excellent choice for any commuter.

Stopping Power

Raleigh Brake

We no longer prefer the old brakes; instead, we look for bikes with disc brakes. If you’re looking for precise and phenomenal braking power, the disc brakes on this road bike will offer just that.

Riding along gravel stretches, the disc brakes provide immense stopping power and will let you manoeuvre your bike with confidence. The bike comes fitted with TRP Spyre mechanical disc brakes coupled with SRAM Force brake levers.

They enable easier access to the brakes whenever you need it. The disc brakes enhance the safety of your ride in all weather conditions.


Raleigh Shifting

As we all know, SRAM is one of the bike drivetrain in the industry. This bike comes equipped with SRAM Force 22 that work perfectly with each other.

Therefore, the bike gives no excuse when it comes to performance. Tamland 2 will let you conquer any terrain without much of an effort. The SRAM Rival 1X drivetrain provides plenty of gears and is backed up with better responsive components.

This will make your biking a hassle-free experience that you’ll be looking forward to every time.

Weight and Size

Are you rested and confident over the ride? In most cases, the displeasure occurs due to the weight and size of your ride. Your bike will fail to provide the much-needed stability when the weight is too much to handle. Also, the height of the riders also matters.

To solve this issue, This road bike comes in six different sizes, and you can pick the most suitable bike for your height.

Also, weighing at 23.5 lbs, the bike is lightweight even with a steel frame to support your rides. In conclusion, the bike design holds the perfect balance between the height and weight to enhance your experience.


What’s your main priority while choosing a bike? If I wear you, I’d be looking at the parts and their quality. We need value for money and Raleigh bikes never fail to deliver.

Tamland 2 is fitted with the best components in the market, and the bike gives a sturdy performance.

The Raleigh bike is equipped with SRAM group set to enhance the overall performance of the ride. Furthermore, the bike includes drop bars for better handling and Clement tires for greater traction in all conditions.

Hence, the bike is an excellent choice for commuters who want the best components.

Who Is This Bike Designed for?

  • Tamland 2 is a versatile all-road bike; hence, the bike is a perfect choice for seasoned bikers.
  • Coming in six different sizes, any individuals can find a perfect fit Raleigh bike for their height.
  • The manufacturers have 130 years of experience in bike manufacturing; therefore, it’s a good choice if you’re looking for a brand name.
  • With its durable geometry and quality components, provides excellent performance and value to its customers.
  • The bike can withstand any abuses with its carbon fibre fork; hence, it’s a great choice for gravel road riders.

7 Reasons to Buy Raleigh Tamland Bike

  • Available in six different sizes.
  • Comes equipped with a carbon fibre fork.
  • Rack & Fender mounts comes with for free
  • Made of solid Reynolds 631 Chromoly frame.
  • 85% assembled hence save the assembly time
  • The brakes, gears, and shifters are all excellent quality.
  • SRAM Riaval drivetrain which perfect for serious rider.
  • Suitable for rides on city roads as well as rough terrains.
  • Features mechanical disc brakes for better stopping power.
  • Includes drop bars for better handling and enhanced riding comforts.

Raleigh Tamland Features at A Glance

  • Comes with carbon adventure road fork with 15mm Thru Axle and fender mounts.
  • Includes SRAM Rival 1 cranks for higher performance.
  • SRAM Force 22 shifters give plenty of gears to ride at any speed.
  • Equipped with Reynolds 631 Chromoly custom butted frame.
  • Comes with Raleigh 200 series handlebar for stable and enhanced handling comforts.
  • Fitted with SRAM Rival 1 Long Cage rear derailleur.
  • The bike includes Weinmann U28TL double wall rims.
  • Comes equipped with Raleigh 200 series saddle for better seating comfort.
  • The bike has integrated cartridge bearings on the headset.
  • Comes fitted with Clement X’PLOR MSO tires.
  • Includes SRAM Force brake levers for easier access to brakes.
  • Comes fitted with Raleigh all condition tape for better handle grip.
  • The bike has Test Ride Pedals.
  • Tamland 2 weighs 23.5 lbs.

Raleigh Bikes Assembly

Frequently Asked Question and Answers

Question: Is the bike available in any other shades than blue?

Answer: No, the bike is available only in blue colour.

Question: Is the bike suitable for taller people?

Answer: Yes, the bike is available in six different sizes. Hence, it’s easier to find a bike for individuals with any heights.

Question: What are the main SRAM Components equipped on the bike?

Answer: Comes fitted with SRAM Cranks, derailleur, shifter, chain, and brake levers. The SRAM drivetrain along with these components delivers great performance.

Question: Does the steel frame makes the bike a lot heavier?

Answer: Not really, the bikes weighs 23.5 lbs and is lightweight for most individuals. In fact, the added weight of steel frame makes the bike flexible on rough terrains.

Question: Why should I choose dropped handlebars?

Answer: The drop bars offer greater comfort and better body posture. Besides, it also enables more comfortable access to brake levers.

Buying Advice

The classic steel frame and components are worth paying for. The bike would greatly appeal to roadies and commuters who spend their day in the saddle.

However, I’d greatly recommend swapping out the seat for all-day riding comforts. Also, Tamland 2 is steel bike and is a bit heavier when compared to aluminium bikes.

Wrapping Up

Raleigh Tamland 2 is a Chromoly Custom Butted frame bike for roadies and commuters. The bike justifies the price tag with its quality components and unmatched performance.

The steel frame along with carbon fork soaks up any vibrations from the roads, and thus the bike is appealing for gravel riders.

Although the steel frame is heavier than aluminium, the steel frame makes the bike an all-around performer on paved roads and gravels. I’d recommend this bike for anyone with a passion for riding.

Want to participate in cross-country bike tours? You won’t find a better companion than Tamland.

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Raleigh Bikes Tamland

Raleigh Tamland 2


Road Bike


631 Chromoly


11 Speed


TRP Disc brakes


SRAM Force 22


SRAM Rival



Item Weight

23.5 lbs

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